Julie married this past weekend at Oatlands Plantation.  She carried a bridal bouquet of Dons's Dahlia's, mini green hydrangea, antique green hydrangea from Holland, Milva roses, cymbidium orchids, dendrobium orchids and lady slipper orchids. This quite possibly was the most vibrant design of the season.  The lady slipper orchid is extremely expensive. Quite frankly I have never been sure it was worth the great expense. The few times I have had them I was not impressed. Not so this weekend.  I absolutely loved working with these orchids and feel they made this bouquet stunning. 


We used purple and green lady slipper orchids in the bouquet. The lady slipper orchid is the large orchid that almost looks like someones nose.


The maids bouquets also were loaded with drama. We really loved working with the black scabiosa this week and felt it pushed these bouquets over the top. 



We had 10 maids that we created bouquets for. I am so glad we loved what we were making because 10 Maids can take a while to create. Loving what you are doing makes the whole process less painful. And I mean that literally: you can get some seriously painful hand cramps when you hold, shape and form bouquets all day.


These bouquets were created to mark family reserved seating. We neglected to take pictures of the centerpieces, but we used the vanda orchid to create these pieces. Vandas are another really extravagant orchid, and we had fun playing with them.  We submerged the orchids in cylinders with orange roses and the green hydrangea.  Here is a picture of a vanda orchid just relaxing in the flower shop.

We loved the colors, textures and exotics on this wedding. We hope to get professional images to share with you very soon.

Happy married life Julie. We loved your wedding.


  • Julie Guilmain Says: (10.04.2009 | 06:16)

    The flowers for our wedding were unbelievable!! They looked even better (if that is possible) against the magenta bridesmaid dresses. I willl send you pictures very soon!! Thank you again, the flowers were so incredible.

  • Photographick Says: (10.05.2009 | 06:58)

    Beautiful flowers, they look amazing!

  • Holly Chapple Says: (10.05.2009 | 06:58)

    Auto-Response, We are often designing or at an event. Please understand this may delay our response.
    Keep on petaling,

  • send flowers to philippines Says: (10.29.2009 | 11:11)

    Hi Holly!I love your flowers really.I want this for my wedding.

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