This piece was the weekly flower arrangement for Tuscarora Mill Restaurant. I have been providing flowers to Tuskies restaurant in Leesburg for 17 years. In fact, Tuskies was my first weekly customer. All these years later, they are still one of my favorite customers. Debbie brought the Hydrangea and the speckled foliage's from her house. The Zinnia and Sedum are from my place. Debbie created this piece by blending her garden and mine. This was a favorite design of ours this week. Very simple, and very elegant.

We have several events this weekend. We will be heading to the Fairmont Hotel with very contemporary and sleek designs. We also designed a wedding that will be at the Birkby House and The Sunset Hills Vineyard. Plus we have a wonderful flower order for a birthday party at Tuskies. As I mentioned, we are very busy this weekend.  In addition to all of that, we have been busily booking brides for 2010. It is hard to believe how far in advance next years brides are booking.


Here I am in the middle of making one of my bridal bouquets. If you look closely, you can see a bunch of wires coming from the bouquet.  I wire every single rose when I make the bridal bouquet. I want to reduce the weight of the bouquet for my bride and also the size of the stems. I don't want my brides to hold onto stems the size of a tree trunk. This also allows me more flexibility when I am creating the shape of the bouquet. This process adds a full hour to the labor of creating a bridal bouquet. I fully believe my brides are worth this very labor intensive process.

This will be a cascading bouquet and the process is completely different. I am inserting each stem into an Oasis bouquet holder. Oasis is the green floral foam. This style of bouquet is as close to surgery as I ever want to get. Every little insertion is so tedious.  Covering the plastic holder takes forever.  

In this picture you can see the third bridal bouquet for the weekend. We use a really strong tape called Davey tape to bind the bouquet together. We collar the bouquet with green leaves, so that you cant see the wires or raw stems of the bouquet. In the morning we will bind the bouquets with ribbon just before we head out the door.

More bouquets.

The Birthday flowers.

We are looking forward to seeing these carnation balls Jessie created at our  Thomas Birkby House wedding.

  • Vicky @ Event Accomplished Says: (08.29.2009 | 09:04)

    Oh Holly! One of favorite posts yet. 1) Love the restaurant arrangement. I’ve got an acuba bush in my yard & I don’t know what to do with the stems after a trimming. Your arrangement gave me good ideas. 2)Thanks for sharing how your make your bouquets. Love the insights! 3) LOVE LOVE LOVE the silvery leaves paired w/ the white calla. So sleek!

  • kate h Says: (08.31.2009 | 04:17)

    holly, that first photo is fantastic!

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