It is 11:50 pm and it is time to hit the hay. We have had a very busy day, but as promised, here are our "in the cooler" pictures.  Debbie, Jessie and Carrie left just about an hour ago, so we had been working almost 14 hours today.  Most people don't realize how many man hours this kind of work takes. I am incredibly grateful that my designers are so devoted, not only to me, but to my brides. Lots of thanks to "City Helen" and "Country Sam" for designing with us this week also.  They have been a huge addition to our team, coming in to help on a regular basis and we are incredibly fortunate to have their help.

Today was Angeline's wedding day.  We created her bouquet with green mini Cymbidium Orchids, green Dendrobium Orchids, hot pink Topaz Roses, pink Attache Roses, and Sophie pink roses.  We added beautiful pearl and diamond beads to the bouquet.  The bouquet also had mini green Hydrangea, green Hypericum berry and pink Phlox.

We created 14 of these very cool centerpieces for her reception at the Lansdowne Resort.

I also wanted to share this photo taken by my daughter, Hannah.  We created some bouquets for a photo shoot yesterday.  My daughter Hannah caught this photo and I think she did an amazing job.

 I had a great day with my brides and with my flower shop girl friends. I think in the last hour, we laughed more than we actually arranged flowers. Jessie may still be crying from laughing so hard. Debbie, Carrie and I can barely move from eating cake, ice cream, and drinking huge glasses of milk.  It is now 12:16 am, Baby Grace is awake, and I need to feed her before I can shut this family, house, and flower shop down. 


  • Laura Says: (08.04.2009 | 11:23)

    I just recently discovered your blog and I love it, your work is amazing, thanks for sharing.

  • Holly Heider Chapple Says: (08.04.2009 | 11:56)

    Thanks Laura, I am glad you like the blog. It is always nice to hear that people are enjoying the posts. It is amazing how long it takes to keep the blog updated. I am finding it fun but exhausting to post after a long day of designing.

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