This is my bride Colleen. She just sent me her images from Samantha Williams at Enfocus Photography.  She used hot pink flowers with accents of white, orange, and bright green. Hot pink flowers are a really popular choice for weddings. I believe, one reason for this is that they are a perfect accent with so many color pallets.  In addition they are bold, bright, and beautiful.

  I also wanted to mention that I am the guest visitor on my friend Evan's blog today. Evan owns My Dee Jay, we are also regular blogger's at Wedding Aces. I actually don't think I have ever mentioned that I blog for Wedding Wire as well.  Wedding Aces, is the Wedding Wire blog. I am their florist Ace, Evan is their DJ Ace.

  This wedding was just a few weeks ago at Whitehall Manor in Bluemont Virginia. One of Loudoun County's finest wedding venues.

  This is the ballroom at Whitehall. The family noticed in my portfolio's how beautiful hand made runners look. They had a seamstress make runners for each table, and the look was truly amazing.

  The use of bright chartreuse green, and white, made this color combination unique. Using these colors put a real twist on the pink, and orange combination, that has been very popular the last few years. 

For her wedding we used, hot pink and medium pink Roses, orange Roses, green button Mums, white Lily, Spray Roses, green Hypericum Berry, mini green Hydrangea, and countless others.

Here are Colleen's comments about her wedding flowers.

Hi Holly!

Jeremy and I just returned from our honeymoon, and I wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for your wonderful work. I absolutely loved the bouquets and centerpieces, as did everyone else at the wedding. We received endless complements on the flower arrangements and I know that the reception would not have been complete without them!

Thanks again, it was so great working with you!


  I am so happy to have these images, I have them thanks to Facebook. I just happened to get reconnected with my past bride Susan there. Her wedding was at The Thomas Birkby House.   I loved her flowers, I was always so sad that I forgot to ask for pictures. It was a treat to see them several years later.  We used many different shades of hot pink and introduced the deep purple as the next major accent color.  We loved this look, and again the bright chartreuse green was used. The green seems to act as a equalizer between colors.  Flowers we used on this wedding included, pink Nerine Lily, Carnations in green and purple, Lily, Roses in green, and hot pink, Dogs Eye Euphorbia, Lizzy or Eustoma, Phlox, Stock and many others.

The large altar arrangements doubled as buffet pieces. Look how we made the switch.

Here is our very gorgeous buffet set up, we provided the glass vases. This way we were able to give the altar pieces a new look.  How lucky to catch my beautiful bride at the table.  We can thank the photographer SOTA Dzine for capturing the day.

The very lovely cake was created by Carolyn Taylor of Taylor Made Cakes.

Here is what Susan had to say about her flowers two years later.



Here are some photos for you from our wedding (only a little over 2 years ago!).  I am still amazed by the flowers and wish I could have a bouquet like that every day:)  I continue to recommend your work to Loudoun area brides.  From the looks of your blog, you've got lots of summer weddings going on. 



We have lots more to share, this weekends weddings are amazing.  If time permits I will do my " walk through the cooler" post tonight.  No promises, it is going to be a very busy day.



  • Send Roses Philippines Says: (04.06.2010 | 05:30)

    I like this wedding bouquet the flowers so beautiful and the arrangement is gorgeous. 🙂

  • flower Philippines Says: (10.26.2010 | 10:33)

    What can I say?! ts absolutely a perfect wedding bouquet I like the arrangements. Keep posting!

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