Wedding number 6 for this Saturday. Check out the last 5 posts to see the whole day, which was the biggest in our history.

Honestly, I don’t know where to begin with this wedding. I loved the bride, I was head over heels for Glory (mother of the bride), and then the icing on the cake, a Hitched Gown.

I had my bride Amy on the books long before I did a little event called “Hitched”. Little did I know when I met the Hitched girls, Julia and Carin, that I was already part of the Hitched Family.

It truly all does begin with  the perfect dress.

For the flowers, we had two awesome ladies to make happy. In truth, it should always be about the bride but sometimes a mother comes along that you just love, love, love. Glory was the best, and that is exactly what she wanted for her daughter.  Which would explain why there was a Hitched dress and flowers by  Holly Heider Chapple flowers.

My bride loved the simplicity of  Tulips and Daisies, and so we found her Tulips, lots and lots of Tulips. Not a easy task in the middle of June. However, I would never have disappointed these girls. In order to “take things up a notch,”  at Glory’s request, we added Orchids, Poppies, Dahlias, Birds of Paradise and Anthurium. The combination was stunning. The wedding took place at Hillsborough Vineyard. The flowers were a combination of country classics, which were perfect for the vineyard, and contemporary, super stylish  blossoms that worked with the Hitched Dress.


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