This is my beautiful bride Allison.  My yellow bride. I loved her wedding and I am so happy to share these images, fresh in from Genevieve Leiper Photography.  We absolutely nailed this wedding or hit a home run.  A special thanks to Vicky Choy from Event Accomplished for making everything run so smoothly and to Whitehall Estate in Bluemont for always being amazing. Mrs. P, and Allison had a very definite look that they were going for they gave me so much inspiration that this was just plain fun,fun, fun.  Here are some of the clues they gave me, use bold yellow,  some cream is okay, we love lemons and waxy green leaves and then they said “Holly we trust you have fun”.

My grooms boutonniere or Allison’s grooms boutonniere was created of a yellow calla lily and yellow Freesia. All of the bouts had rosemary which my bride said was a family tradition. The bride had a cluster of cream Hydrangea, yellow Calla lily, yellow Freesia, yellow Craspedia balls, pale yellow Stock and yellow Roses.

We designed four different centerpieces, two styles of elevated and two styles of low.

This design had the cream Hydrangea and a more traditional shape.

This design was our bold yellow, with a slightly more contemporary style. We used yellow oncidium Orchids flying out the top of the arrangement.

This arrangement was our bold all yellow low centerpiece as you can see we wrapped the vase in white satin ribbon. This was a really striking look.

This was our fourth design here we used the cream hydrangea and we introduced the lemons.
In fact we went through 2 boxes of lemons for a total of 200 lemons and here they are.

My friend Rocio Diaz created the wedding cake and of course she used lemons. Rocio owns A Piece of Cake.

Here is one other wonderful idea from this wedding. The bride and groom created a cookbook of family recipes for their party favors.  The bride and her mom told me they were “foodies” and they enjoyed cooking and dinning out so they wanted to share with their guests.

This recipe is one that is sure to please. Mrs. P, shared this with me when we first met and I have served this several times.

Bacon- Wrapped Dates
Before you say “ew” to the thought of a bacon-wrapped date, give this recipe a shot. Not only is it easy and relatively inexpensive, the tongue tingling combination of salty bacon and sweet dates will be a great surprise.!!
1lb. lean bacon ( for this recipe, don’t use turkey bacon)
Approximately 36 dates
Cooking Spray/Pam

Using a sharp knife, cut each piece of bacon into thirds.( Tip: just pick up the entire pound of bacon and lay it on a cutting board. You should be able to cut the entire pound into thirds at the same time.)
Spray the baking sheet with cooking spray. Take each third of a piece of bacon and wrap it around one date: push a toothpick through each bundle to secure and place it on the baking sheet. Repeat until all of the bacon and dates are wrapped.

Place the baking sheet into a preheated oven set to broil and cook for 10 to 15 minutes or until bacon is crisp and cooked through, turning over halfway through cooking time.

I am so happy I got to work on this wedding. I loved this family and loved the bright happy combination of yellow.  My sunshine wedding.

  • Allison Says: (04.29.2009 | 01:26)

    Thank you for featuring our wedding, Holly! Your flowers were beautiful and our guests just couldn’t stop talking about them.
    When the buffet was rolled out and Kevin’s grandmother saw the centerpiece, she told my mom, “I’m sorry, I’m paying attention to what you’re saying but I just can’t stop looking at those gorgeous flowers!”
    Thanks for your beautiful work–you’re the best!

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