To see our family photos with the Regetis check out and go to their blog.

Amy and Srinu Regeti invited our clan out for a family photo shoot. I was so excited, I just love the Regeti's and I also wanted to see their new studio in downtown Warrenton.  I cant even begin to tell you how great the morning was, this husband and wife team are just fun, fun, fun and its always so comfortable to be with them. Bringing six of my seven children in for pictures should be a stressful task, in-particularly with one being only 8 days old the Regeti's made this trip a pleasure.   The studio is just so beautiful, warm and inviting you cant help but to feel relaxed and at ease. This was a morning I will always remember, I am so proud of my family and now I have awesome pictures that capture our first days with baby Grace. I also want to mention that the Regeti's run their studio and incredible business while they parent four incredibly beautiful children of their own. I love to see families who manage to keep their kids close as they grow their business as well.  I huge thanks to them for making our day so special. 

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