The 24th of Jan. is my 22nd wedding anniversary. I spend so much time helping other people with their weddings,I often forget how lucky I am. Not only have we been married for 22 years next Friday, Jan 30th we will have our seventh child.  22 years of marriage and still having children that is nothing short of a miracle.  Sometimes I can barely believe how fortunate I am.  Our oldest son Alex is a senior at VA. Tech, we have a daughter Abby who is 16, our next is Hannah who is 15 and the baby of the what we call the “Original Four” is Riley and he is 11.  Since we were still in love and enjoying this family, we started all over again and had Elijah he is 3 and our baby for now is Sam he is 2.

My husband is so awesome. I am truly successful because he helps me with everything I do. He is such a fabulous husband and father. There is no limit to what I can accomplish as he is always my support system. He helps me with my flowers and deliveries, picks up all of the slack with the kids when I am working a event, he is a unbelievable cook, he has started helping me buy and antique for my booth at On A Whim, and he works full time as the main provider for the family.  I am so happy and blessed. I could never imagine my life with out him, and quite frankly I would sink like a rock without him. So heres to Evan and Holly and little baby Grace coming soon.


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