At almost 8 months pregnant I found whatever work clothes would fit and I headed out to start the process of gathering my Christmas Greens. I wonder why they don’t make maternity flannels?

Our holiday Open House is Dec 6th and 7th you can read about that on my website. In order to be ready for a full week of designing, I began the harvesting of Boxwood and Nandina today. I worked at a historic estate in Loudoun County. I did the owner’s granddaughter’s wedding several years ago. Since the wedding I have been fortunate enough to be invited back to cut her Boxwoods. It’s fun to see the estate in the winter, but if I close my eyes I can still see everything just as it was on the wedding day. I am so blessed to have this business and develop these lasting relationships. I will be able to take the greens I harvested today and turn them in to literally hundreds of designs. I  love using something so sentimental to me, and  sharing it with others



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