Six and half years ago, I started blogging about my journey as a mother and floral designer. I let the world into my house, my studio, my family, and my heart. It never occurred to me to guard my knowledge, or to hoard the many opportunities that were coming my way. I shared anything and everything with anyone that asked, and because of that I was granted a million miracles and blessings along the way. The designers, editors, planners, and creatives who are a part of my life are the finest people I know in the industry. These people are first rate–they have my back no matter what. They hold integrity, quality, honesty and creativity in the highest regard. I would say about 97 percent of the people I have met on my flower journey are awesome, incredible people.  The other 3 percent get to live with themselves and miss out on all of the beauty I have seen.

I rarely regret my openness, but every once in a while I have to admit I get hurt. Some days I wonder if I should lock this house and my heart down. However, putting myself out there has given me some of the most powerful and rich friendships in the world. These friendships I’ve made are the kind that make your heart clench and your eyes tear up, just because you love them so. I will not change who I am, or lock my house down to protect myself from a few hurts. Because if I do that, I will be closed to developing some of the most amazing relationships a girl could ever have. I am going to try and make time for this blog and share the beautiful things we create. I love Instagram, but it just does not show the magnitude of what this studio is capable of. I miss the people I met from the Full Bouquet. Welcome back Holly Chapple. You learned a lot this week… and a big huge thanks to Carol Mann from Brambles and Bittersweet. Your husband gave us both quite a gift!!! Photo by Jodi Miller Photo.

  • Amanda Cook Says: (07.21.2015 | 12:54)

    Thank you for being so brave, for sharing even when it hurt. You have no idea what small and big paths you forged for those coming up in this industry. For the ones of us that look at you rocking motherhood and a kicking business. For being so positive, flexible, and loving. For caring for and celebrating your husband, and showing that its a family business. Every time I hear there are not enough brides to go around, or that if you collaborate you’ll go out of business I remember all of the amazing woman that are part of the Chapel Designers all the farmers and florists Erin at Floret teaches, and I think to myself thats just not true. Thank you for being brave, its making a difference.

    • chappleadmin Says: (08.03.2015 | 08:33)

      Amanda, thank you for your lovely comments. I am always so touched to know that we (Evan and I) are making a difference. There is a enough for all of us!!! You just have to work really hard and do good things and every dream can become a reality.

  • Margaret Says: (07.21.2015 | 11:12)

    When I met you and Evan in January, 2013, my life and my path changed. Thank you so so much for continuing to bare your soul and be your real self, so that we too can have the courage to step into our real selves!

    • chappleadmin Says: (08.03.2015 | 08:35)

      Margaret, you are a wonderful friend and a fabulous gift to me and Evan. I am blessed to know you and to enjoy your support!!

  • Carol Gimmel Says: (07.27.2015 | 07:23)

    What a great blog. Look forward to reading you thoughts.

  • Lisa Ann Says: (07.27.2015 | 07:25)


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