Today is the day we leave for Moscow and we are so excited. This adventure feels so surreal. I can’t believe Evan and I were asked to do this. In Moscow and St. Petersburg we will be sharing our knowledge of design, information about the Chapel Designers, and how we operate our wedding floral design business. I should be afraid, as this is the farthest I have ever been away from my home, and leaving the children is always tough. However I am excited, comforted, and thrilled to be seeing people I love. As many of you know I met Olga and Yuriy here at my home several years ago. Since then Yuriy and Olga have started a very successful floral design business. Olga also met me in NYC for our annual Chapel Designers conference. We have been keeping our fingers crossed for about six months now that this day would come. I am so excited about seeing my friends. I truly love and adore Olga and Yuriy and leaving my family is made so much easier, as I now have family in Russia.

So wish us luck, and keep your fingers crossed that we make this journey safely. Pray that I can be a good teacher, and that I don’t drive Yuriy crazy as he translates the language of Holly!!!

  • Tracy Park Says: (11.04.2013 | 12:10)

    I am gonna worry until you get back on USA ground. BUT have fun.

  • Alexandra Jusino Says: (11.04.2013 | 03:28)

    Tracy, she’s in good hands. Have fun Holly!

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