Every year I sign up to participate in the Leesburg Flower & Garden Show. Every year I truly anguish over how I am going to fit the show into my crazy schedule. I also anguish over the fear it causes me financially and physically. Buying flowers in bulk and not being sure if they will sell is a very dangerous undertaking, especially for a mother of 7 kids to do.  I run an event design studio and not a retail shop and therefore my flowers are always sold before I order them. I equate my purchasing habits for the garden show like going to the race track and betting.  I never go to the race track and bet, because I don’t gamble. In years past I would fill my booth with flowers from my garden, but my garden and the garden show, simply have not be in sync the last few years.  Every year I successfully get through the show, and every year I am grateful I packed up my flower shop and moved it into the center of downtown Leesburg.

Success is not always measured by the amount of money in your pocket at the end of an event. Success can be appreciated in other ways too – by supporting your community,  being loyal, and being committed. Sometimes my success is a found rare plant that I find at the show, and sometimes my success is physically not falling over. Success is the conversations I have with people at the show and the gratitude they have when they see I have come back to share my flowers. Over hundred times people said to me, “you are my favorite part of the show.” Mostly this event is successful for me because I simply show up, and I never quit. In my life today there are often brighter and more lucrative pastures then the garden show. Many years ago my mother told me a saying that I try to live my life by, ” you stay at the dance with the person that brought you!!” Because of my mother I keep coming back!!

Two months ago I was asked by one of the top designers in NYC to go to Barbardos to work on a very high profile wedding. My heart leapt with the desire to go to Barbardos, but my calender told me I would have to miss this opportunity. Choosing to stay at the garden show was the right thing to do, staying true is who I am.

Every year I wait for this couple to come see me. In all honesty every year I fear something will keep them from coming. They come each year with vases and big bags to take home my flowers. Each year they come with presents or chocolates. In years past they have even brought me toys for the babies. I am thankful I was there for them and even more thankful they were healthy and well and able to come to the show. Life is good, it is a blessing and I am making a difference with my petals at the Leesburg Flower and Garden Show.

Thank you for meeting me at the Leesburg Flower and Garden Show. It was fun to know I have some fans out there and that I have loyal and devoted customers!!

  • Pam Morris Says: (04.22.2013 | 08:53)

    What a lovely annual event! I wish we had a similar event in our community.

    Staying true to yourself is so important. I think you have mastered that in your business. Your passion for family, flowers and people is evident in all that you do. Thanks for this touching post to kick this busy wedding week off.

  • Jeanette Says: (04.22.2013 | 09:23)

    What a beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing your Mom’s wisdom that you have taken as your own…” you stay at the dance with the person that brought you!!” Applicable to so many parts of life. You’re such a neat and great woman…and a fabulous business lady! Thank you for your commitment to your commitment.

  • Sherry Donnelly Says: (04.22.2013 | 09:54)

    I love you Holly….couldn’t agree with you more! Keep spreading your love with flowers!!

  • Laurie (Fleurie) Says: (04.22.2013 | 10:30)

    What a fun way to connect with the community! I do miss that about being a studio-based florist. I would love to set up a booth at my town’s annual street fair….hmmm

  • Lisa Says: (04.22.2013 | 02:01)

    Brought tears to my eyes Holly. Thank you for sharing and thank you for being true!

  • Ellen Snyder Says: (04.22.2013 | 07:50)

    This is so powerful! I loved reading about this special event, your precious couple-friends, and seeing your adorable kiddos! You made my day! Thank you for always inspiring us!

  • Rebecca Says: (04.23.2013 | 01:17)

    Clearly you are an inspiration. Love all you said. Truly believe in it too! Thank you for all your wonderful posts!

  • Geles mamos dienai Says: (04.23.2013 | 07:17)

    Very nice pictures of flowers…I can smell it through the screen.. :))

  • Kristin Rose Says: (04.23.2013 | 10:48)

    It was great seeing you again this year. You make a big difference to people. I brought home my flowers and life’s little troubles don’t seem so earth-shattering…your flowers in particular always seem to have that affect.

  • Shannon Neels Says: (04.24.2013 | 01:13)

    I knew I loved you from the moment I met you:)
    #1 Flower lady for sure

  • Daevid Reed Says: (04.24.2013 | 09:08)

    “To thy own self be true!”
    Never waiver about who you are or who you want to be….this post says it all, and it is why you are LOVED Worldwide!

  • Michelle Van Eimeren Says: (04.28.2013 | 08:43)

    I just love you Holly! Your heart is true xxx

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