Over the last few months I have had the pleasure of designing or teaching with roses from Alexandra Farms. I wanted to highlight this company because they are providing incredible product to many of our local wholesalers. Make sure you ask for roses grown at Alexandra Farms and certainly read about the company here. The bouquet above was created by me at the Florabundance Design Days workshop, it features Caramel Antike roses and Mariatheresia garden roses. The bouquet was photographed by photographer Geneveive Leiper.

Here I am teaching in California and you can bet I was mighty happy to be standing in a sea of roses from Alexandra Farms.

I taught the students how I wire roses for headpieces and for my bouquets. I have a secret little trick!!!

Designer Kate Minelian of Kaleco Design

Designer Davida Buggs of Ladybuggs

Designer Tricia Jones

Our gorgeous table scape was designed with vintage props from Tricia Fountaine.

Another bouquet I created featured red piano cabbage roses.

Designing in California was awesome. I truly loved working with product from Alexandra Garden Farms and I of course love Florabundance. If you need a rep for those garden roses call Florabundance.

  • Nadia Says: (04.13.2013 | 04:20)

    Awe, I just used a box full of Alabasta on last weeks wedding! They smelled so nostalgic! Just lovely x

  • Chelsea Says: (05.01.2013 | 03:00)

    Well done, your bouquet is lovely!

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