Over the last few months graphic designer Rachel Merkle and I have been working diligently to re-brand Holly Heider Chapple Flowers. Because Rachel also happens to be one of my past brides she understands our business, and my philosophies. Rachel developed the tag line “Gathered & Styled” which completely embodies who I am, and who this studio is. When she came up with that phrase, I knew she understood me far more than I had realized. After that I pretty much just let her steer the boat. In addition to the new logo and tag line. Our studio has a fabulous new website which can be seen here.  Rachel pushed me to create a site that shows all of the many things our studio is offering and accomplishing. I saw a flower website, she saw a flower powerhouse website. The site Rachel created for our studio, will help clients and industry peers easily understand what our studio does and offers.  More importantly, Rachel showed me just exactly who Holly Heider Chapple Flowers is. Rachel’s belief in me and our studio, has taken our business to a new height!!! Thank you Miss Merkle, for seeing in me, what I simply could not see. Now our website features a place for our brides and or grooms, a place about the services Evan and I provide, we have a spot about the gardens, design training classes, mentor ships,  and upcoming events, and now my dear friends and colleagues the Chapel Designers have a website also.


Rachel was also the artist that created the Full Bouquet logo and the logo for the Chapel Designers.


A million thank you’s to Rachel!!! I now see our studio in a completely different light!! Please be sure to let us know what you think about our new site.

  • Erin - Floret Says: (03.15.2013 | 01:27)

    Damn girl! It turned out beyond beautiful. So happy for you!!!

  • Amanda Mae Says: (03.15.2013 | 01:52)

    Adore the new site Holly! It’s so clean and fresh. Just beautiful. Congrats!

  • Rebecca - A Daily Something Says: (03.15.2013 | 02:42)

    LOVE the new design, Holly! It so perfectly captures you!

  • Stephen Says: (03.15.2013 | 03:05)

    Love the new site – so awesome!

  • Sue Prutting Says: (03.16.2013 | 01:37)

    Rachel is so talented and did a beautiful job of putting your vision into action. It is just beautiful Holly!

  • Susan McLeary Says: (03.16.2013 | 11:19)

    Wonderful concept and design! I absolutely love it, well done!!

  • Ria Says: (03.16.2013 | 03:07)

    Holly, love the new site! Reflects you perfectly! Rachel is extremely talented!

  • Jen Says: (03.18.2013 | 02:06)

    What a great design- so clean, great background/showcase for the flowers. Inspiring!

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