Today was truly fascinating. I spent the day designing with Belgium designer Francoise Weeks. As many of you know about this time last year I traveled to Belgium and Holland for the very first time to study European floral design. Here it is one year later and I am having an equally remarkable experience but I am right here in Portland Oregon. Being with Francoise was nothing short of enchanting, mesmerizing, and absolutely enlightening. I learned more about mechanics today then I have learned in 20 years. Designing with Francoise is an ABSOLUTE MUST!!!

Beautiful flowers, and unique elements were displayed all through the studio.

There were even little bowls of vegetables and herbs for us to design with.

Beautiful house plants were available for us to pinch from. That was super fun!!!

Cool stuff was everywhere. After a fabulous lesson on woodland designs we got to create a centerpiece.

My design featured, ferns, succulents, bark, mosses, vines, twigs, cones, berries, greens, lichen, and blooming branches. Creating this piece was incredibly fun. In Francoise’s shop it was easy to feel like an artist rather than a regular florist. Inspiration and creativity was everywhere.

This was Susan’s design. Susan is a new Chapel Designer and many of you will be meeting her in NYC.

Annie created this design.

Here is my woodland Aisle decoration.

I loved this piece.

Susan’s creation,

and Annie’s creation.

The day was completely incredible and to top it all off Francoise pulled out her autographed Invitations book from Daniel Ost. I have wanted to see this book for years so I nearly fell off the bench when I saw she owned a copy. This day was a highlight in my life. I will forever sing the praises of this lady. You must come to Portland to design with Francoise. Did I mention that Francoise will also be joining us in NYC. Life is good!!! Many thanks also to Chapel Designer Liz of Fleurology for putting me up this week. Liz is such a good mamma, and I am really enjoying being babied in her home!!!

  • Francoise Weeks Says: (02.19.2013 | 01:36)

    Holly! Thank you! Yesterday was so much fun and I cannot wait to show many more ideas and mechanics today and tomorrow.

  • Peggy Sherwood Design and Events Says: (02.19.2013 | 01:56)

    Now this looks like heaven in a flower studio!!!!!!!!! So wish I was there learning all the beautiful woodland technique!

  • jen Says: (02.19.2013 | 02:04)

    looks like an amazing time!!

  • Laurie (Fleurie) Says: (02.19.2013 | 04:50)

    Have fun! Time passes so quickly, be a sponge, soak it all up. So glad that you two get to play in flowers together!

  • Lisa Says: (02.19.2013 | 05:13)

    So exciting to think we will get to meet Francoise! The pictures are so enchanting!!

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