Several weeks ago Grace and I had a craft session in the flower shop. Having endless faith in the tools and supplies I have in the flower shop I assured her I could make her a crown. With no flowers in the studio, I decided I could make her a ribbon crown. Because I was just playing and unsure if it would work, I used some of the ugliest ribbon in the shop. Don’t tell Grace I short changed her with run of the mill cheap ribbon.

To make the crown I twisted two pipe cleaners together making one long pipe cleaner. 2 pipe cleaners is typically big enough for most little girls. If the child is young you may need to clip off a bit of the pipe cleaner. Next I created a pile of 2 inch long ribbon strips. The little pieces of ribbon were tied onto the pipe cleaner by tying a simple double knot. You will want to start tying the ribbon onto the pipe cleaner at one of the ends. Tie the ribbons onto the pipe cleaner one knot next to the other. Continue doing this until the entire pipe cleaner is full of knotted ribbon. When you complete the halo you can give it a final hair cut if you have any ribbon pieces that are too long.

To finish the halo I tied the two ends of the pipe cleaner together to create a finished crown. A big fluffy bow was created to cover the spot where the pipe cleaners were connected. This creates the finished back of the halo.

When I started making the crown I was simply doing this to play with Grace. Funny thing is,  I ended up loving the finished design. I really hope we get to make some of these for our 2013 flower girls. I know these crowns could be amazing with my fancy designer ribbon.  So excited I tried this, I simply love it and I think the model is beyond super cute!!!

  • Jess Says: (02.12.2013 | 01:43)

    Love it. I miss Ms. Grace! I can make a bunch of them for you to keep in stock if you want. I have a couple ideas for other things too!

  • jen Says: (02.12.2013 | 01:49)

    Love this Holly! So cute for the girls. Definately will have to try this out!

  • isha | isha foss events Says: (02.12.2013 | 02:02)

    Super Cute!

  • Jessica Jones Says: (02.12.2013 | 02:35)

    Adorable! and how sweet would these be with a few pretty blooms tucked inside! I might make one myself to wear… 😉

  • Heather Says: (02.12.2013 | 03:33)

    I love this, what a great idea! I am definitely going to try it.

  • Terri Says: (02.12.2013 | 05:18)

    Really cute!

  • Peggy/Sherwood Design and Events Says: (02.12.2013 | 09:00)

    Precious!!!!!!!! Do you think my 24 year old daughter will wear one? I have to make this!!

  • Pam Morris Says: (02.13.2013 | 01:22)

    I love this simple idea. What a lucky little girl to have such a brillian and creative Mom.

  • Daevid Says: (02.13.2013 | 03:47)

    I love this story as much as I love the crown. I so appreciate you sharing your family with us. I think it helps a lot of designers, and followers that do not know you personally, it shows, and tells the “real” in your passion. YOUR Family, and your design.

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