Each year as fall comes and the first frost hits my yard I worry and wonder how I am going to make it through the winter. I don’t have clinically diagnosed winter depression, but it didn’t take a medical degree to know I suffer from it.  I really don’t mind the winter except for one terrible thing. I want MY flowers!!! Getting flowers from the wholesaler is something I do weekly but I want and I need to be able to go outside and gather something each and every time I design. I have just about destroyed anything left on this property that was of interest, snagging interesting pods, or still green branches.  I even had 15 new pieris japonica, all showing lots of promise for this year but I simply could not keep my hands off of them and there is not one promising bloom or branch left. I am gonna hate myself for that.  So anyways I have been really proud of myself because I have not been fretting about this winter or even counting the days. It was like I had found some acceptance for the winter and that I could handle it this year.

That lasted until 1pm yesterday, and then all of a sudden this vicious, mean, a _ _, feeling went flying through my body. It came out of nowhere, with absolutely no warning, and I literally found myself screaming out loud, I want my flowers back!!! Thankfully my winter beast came flying out of me while I was upstairs all alone, because my family might have thought I had turned into a monster.  So it’s official, I am done, I can’t wait anymore. I want my flowers back. The waiting has begun, the stamping of my feet, the mourning, the pining, the crying. I want my flowers back!!

  • Katie Pollard Says: (02.08.2013 | 02:51)

    Awww! I struggle with seasonal depression, too, and I am DONE with this cold weather. Take heart! Spring is just around the corner!

  • Laetitia de chez Florésie Says: (02.08.2013 | 05:52)

    Oh Holly, i suffer from SAD as well. Winter’s so long, so tough. It’s sometimes hard to explain to people who see winter just as any other season… especially when you come from Switzerland and everyone is so excited about the ski season! 😉 But snowdrops are popping out here right now, spring seems just around the corner. Now it’s time to plan for this summer’s cutting garden and start to sow… oh yes!

  • Laurie (Fleurie) Says: (02.08.2013 | 06:14)

    My release is the garden, but it is accessible all year where I live. I can’t imagine it being freezing and snowy- I would go crazy! I think it would be costly as well- planning and buying seeds and plants via mail order to help get through the winter. Pray for early spring!

  • Peggy/Sherwood Design and Events Says: (02.08.2013 | 06:36)

    Just do what I do….I browse the Holly Heider Chapple website and immerse myself in the most gorgeous designs. haha…even if you(Holly) and your design team created them…it will still put a smile on your face….those flowers are amazing!!!!!!

  • Emily Says: (02.08.2013 | 07:05)

    Oh my gosh, I SO know what you mean!
    I’ve been scavenging through my white, wintery Belgian garden looking for anything to pick. Every morning I venture into the cutting garden and find myself staring at the dormant buds and drooling over the helleborus flowers that seem to be taking FOREVER to mature.
    Here’s to the swift arrival of spring and all of the lovely garden goodies that come with it! 🙂
    XO Emily (Fleuropean)
    PS- absolutely lovely arrangement! So happy to have found you 🙂

  • Terri Says: (02.08.2013 | 09:15)

    Honey, you need a greenhouse! I’m surprised you don’t already have one.

    • Holly Chapple Says: (02.09.2013 | 12:25)

      Daddy has a greenhouse but it’s not heated. Soon, very soon, we will be back in the yard!!

  • ria Says: (02.09.2013 | 04:23)

    Oh my word, this was too funny! I totally feel the same way, thanks for the laugh this morning, I truly needed it! ~ Ria

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