So now I am on the plane almost home to my babies. I did it, I did it, I did it!!! My girlfriend and fellow designer just asked me via facebook how I did, and if I liked the actual teaching part. When I saw the question and felt the answer right in my stomach and in my heart, I just started crying right here on the plane. Yep I loved it, I loved this experience. Every day I am getting more and more okay with this new journey and more and more sure that being a flower mama is gonna be a really fun ride. I loved all of the students I met. I Loved being on a 80 million dollar ranch cutting 4 foot long strands of jasmine with Chuck and Alicia from Flirty Fleurs. I loved seeing the amazing product from Florabundance and I loved every designer I met. Pictures of this adventure will be coming soon!!! Thank You!!

  • Becca *Petal Floral Design* Says: (01.25.2013 | 02:05)

    GO Heidi! I think my life would be complete if I could cut 4 foot strands of jasmine everyday!!! I hope to be a part of this someday!!

  • Eatherley Schultz Says: (01.25.2013 | 03:33)

    Sounds wonderful! Congratulations, you are a great teacher and the ultimate flower mama! Wish I could of been there! See you in NYC in March~

  • Shelly Says: (01.25.2013 | 04:03)

    So amazing! The journey officially begins…

  • Margaret Lloyd Says: (01.25.2013 | 04:42)

    Thank You !Thank You ! so much for being REAL and sharing with us your passion, which is our collective passion of floral expression in design . I am very grateful you made the trip to Santa Barbara,with hubby in toe , for this now very inspired floral designer, thank you and may you be richly blessed, back home.

  • Peggy Sherwood Design and Events Says: (01.25.2013 | 03:21)

    Sounds just like flower heaven!!!!!! I can only imagine what it would be like to study and work with this amazing group! Oh….but I get too….see ya in NYC!!

  • Laura Cogan Says: (01.25.2013 | 05:29)

    So thrilled to have the pleasure to meet and be inspired by you and Evan, your creativity, your beautiful smile, and priceless insights into our incredible industry! Thank you so much!

  • Nadia Says: (01.26.2013 | 10:20)

    How lovely! So glad it was all you’d hoped for! Maybe one day I’ll have a working holiday and join you :0)

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