Just one week ago today I announced the NYC 2013 Chapel Designers conference. You can read that post here.  In one week we have had numerous designers decide to join our group, we even got our first designer from Australia. Each of these new members has asked the same question, “can I be a Chapel Designer also?” So I figured I better explain a little further about the Chapel Designers. This group is for us, us being wedding and event designers, this is our baby, this is our gift to each other. Chapel Designers works because each designer contributes to the whole experience. No matter how new you are to designing if you have a willingness to learn and contribute you can be a member. Chapel Designers is about creating a network and a support system for floral designers or event designers that service the wedding and event industry. This conference and group focuses on business structure, social media, new design concepts, creating a network for sourcing, and this event or group offers a support system for like minded business owners. We have found that having people you trust as you make business decisions is crucial. Call us a group of mentors if you will. Chapel designers is open to any designer currently servicing the wedding and event industry and it is for people that currently know how to design. Although we do study and learn new techniques when we gather, that is not our primary purpose. Our primary purpose is to create a support system for those designers currently operating in this industry. I ask that if you consider this trip that you be honest, loyal, devoted to this craft, and willing to share from the heart. I need you to be committed to excellence and committed to making this industry better, easier, and quite frankly more profitable. As many of you know this is a very difficult career choice with minimal financial gain. My goal and hope is that we can work together to make a reasonable living, while providing the most incredible and creative designs possible. I also hope that this group will encourage designers to keep on doing what they do best, create. This group is a safe haven for wedding and event designers. Please join us in NYC 2013 if you truly want to be a part of a unique and incredible group of designers but please only come if you want to contribute. If you are coming just to take away, you may not be a good fit for our amazing and remarkable clan!!!! Essentially we want your head, your heart, and your commitment to be the best wedding vendor you can be.

  • Alex Says: (04.05.2013 | 02:05)

    I would love to be a part of the group

  • Brenda Maver Says: (06.11.2013 | 11:10)

    Wow your living my dream! About 6 months ago I decided it was time to start doing what I love and couldn’t be happier. Each day has brought me a new opportunity to create floral arrangements. I’m blessed to be surrounded by friends and family who want to help me along the way, but after reading your website what I felt I truley needed was to be part of your net work. The idea of being surrounded by such positive creative energy sound fantastic.
    Brenda Maver

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