Kelly and Michael married at The Inn At Perry Cabin. Their wedding will always be an all time favorite for Evan and I. This was the first wedding that Evan personally managed. From Kelly’s first inquiry, to delivery of the flowers, Evan watched over this wedding like only a true wedding fanatic could. Evan continuously boasted that he had hand picked Kelly for me. This may all sound silly, but it’s the truth. I can clearly remember him saying to me “just speak with this bride, your gonna love her.”  Please also understand, we don’t have a debate around here about which brides we are going to help but the schedule, the distance, and the date must all be considered. When we do an event on Fridays I am out of the studio on a day that is typically crucial to my Saturday weddings. If the event is close to home its no big deal, but going to the Eastern Shore on a Friday seemed a little dangerous on a holiday weekend in May, however because Evan was adamant and because he assured me he would make the flower delivery to the Eastern Shore, I hesitantly called Kelly. From the moment I first spoke with Kelly I was in love with her and Evan had been completely right. Kelly was a perfect match for our studio!! Kelly told me flat out that she wanted our flowers and that she trusted in us completely and she gave me considerable freedom. Because of that freedom, I remember moving through her design as if some magical force was pushing me on. Her bridal bouquet is one of my all time favorites, and it was the first bouquet that I placed the now signature holly leaf in.

Beauty, beauty, beauty!!!

Speaking of beauty, what a gorgeous couple, and the photographs absolutely make my heart melt. Kate Headley was the artist behind these incredible images. I have to admit that having my work photographed by Kate was yet another reason why driving to the Eastern Shore was oh so worth the journey.

Shortly after the wedding we received this email from our bride.

From Kelly…Subject of email Oh My God
Seriously?!  You truly outdid yourself.  I have always been a huge fan
of yours, but everything you did for us VASTLY exceeded my
expectations.  I was absolutely blown away – my bouquet, the
centerpieces, the mantle, the chuppah – everything was PHENOMENAL!!!

You and Evan are both SO amazing, and we cannot thank you enough for
everything.  Not only were our flowers more beautiful than we ever
could have imagined, you are the most wonderful people to deal
with…. We are so incredibly grateful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for everything, and thank
you for making our wedding SO beautiful.  I just adore you two.  <3


This wedding, this bride, will always be one of our favorites.  It’s also important to know that Kelly and I planned this entire wedding via email and phone chats. Trust is a beautiful thing!!!


  • Peggy Sherwood Says: (11.14.2012 | 07:40)

    Holly….this is amazing, beautiful, stunning, and so much more. LOVE LOVE LOVE……and this is why you are our design star!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna Stouffer Says: (11.15.2012 | 02:10)

    This wedding is gorgeous & breathtaking!! I think my heart just might have skipped a beat or two!! Love it!!

  • Kelly Trachtenberg Says: (11.15.2012 | 03:59)

    Love love love you guys so much! Cannot thank you enough for making our wedding so beautiful and for being so amazing to work with. I just adore you two. <3

  • KathyBuck Says: (11.15.2012 | 08:02)

    “Trust is a beautiful thing” wow, do I love that comment!
    May we all be as blessed with our floral passions….:)

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