Now that the mad wedding season rush is over I am foolishly believing that I have more time or that I have a day to myself. I intended to blog early this morning by sharing one of my pretty weddings and let me tell you, I have some beauties stored up for you. But my easy, not busy day, went like this… Up and at it, at 6:45 which was late for me, I packed lunch for Eli and Riley, and then made the brilliant choice to head to Frederick Md. to get the car worked on. Of course I would take my almost free day and go for a car service, but that “needs maintenance” light has been glaring at me for weeks.  An hour and a half later I was back in VA. in a rental car headed to the grocery store. We were out of everything healthy and I am really trying to keep salad makings in the house and lots of greek yogurt. I was on a diet and doing pretty darn well at it, but we had a little glitch called Sandy here. During that storm I became house bound with some of my designer friends and we ate our way right through that storm.  Now that the sugar, gluten, and junk is back in my blood stream I find myself jonesing for the sugar again.  After hitting the store I got back home in time to see Sam off to Kindergarten. Groceries were slung across the counter and into the fridge. Back at my computer I found a million emails that needed my attention and even holiday orders that needed to be placed. In addition to that we are still managing 2012 weddings. This week we have a charity event, a corp event, and two weddings so I am not quite sure why I thought I was on vacation but the denial or belief that things were calm around here was great for the 22 minutes I believed it. Evan is away for a few days trying to do some fall fishing and I am really realizing just how much of the load he carries. I am truly thankful he is here with me, this load, this house, these kids, this business, is most certainly more than one person can handle.

I got a bunch of orders settled and organized and then my email turned into a hot box of wedding submissions. I spent the better part of the afternoon corresponding with editors from four different magazines, which I have to admit was really fun but seriously exhausting.  Late afternoon I headed back to Leesburg for an eye exam and then I was back home in time for a play date for miss Grace. Of course the little girls that came to visit miss Grace have a mommy who is a wedding planner so while the kids entertained themselves the mommies wrote wedding contracts. We spent two hours letting the girls play all while we brainstormed creative ideas that had both of our heads ablaze. 6pm was piano for Eli, 7pm back to Leesburg to pick up Riley from football. Then yes, we went to McDonald’s for dinner, because I am just that lame. I however did not succumb to the power of the golden arches. Back home by 8pm I ate my salad and started a serious round of homework. It’s 10:14pm the kids are asleep and I am hoping like heck my husband is having fun because I sure do miss him!!!

  • Stephanie Says: (11.13.2012 | 05:59)

    McDonald’s for kid dinners on a busy day when you’re solo momming it =/= lame. Cut yourself some slack on that one. And I say that as a mom who probably obsesses a little too much over feeding the kids only wholesome from-scratch food. Most of the time. 🙂

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