As many of you know I started an organization for floral designers called the Chapel Designers the group was founded 3 years ago.  Each year this incredible group of designers heads to NYC where we gather, study, shop, and design. The trip happens each March and each year the group has doubled in size. This year the Chapel Designers are due to be in NYC on March 17th- 21st. Tickets can be purchased to the conference on the side bar of this blog. As we get closer to the event and as more people sign up we add additional speakers and activities to the schedule and we create a very formal itin. The last few weeks have been spent wrapping up my 2012 wedding season, but I have been working on our next big adventure.

I am excited to announce that designer David Beahm and I have been working behind the scenes to plan for Chapel Designers NYC 2013. Several years ago the Chapel Designers studied with David in his fancy NYC corp. offices but that was when our group was only 16 students strong. With as many as 40 students last year, returning to Davids corp offices was not an option, however Davids big production warehouses in the Bronx have been on my wish list for the last 3 years. 2013 is the year we get to go BIG!!!! Thankfully David is allowing the Chapel Designers the opportunity to step into his corp. production offices in the Bronx and we will  focus on big installations. Here you will see the props, trucks, lifts, rugs, trees, and countless other decor items that are used in big event design.  While David handles “NYC Big,” I will be handling bridal bouquets in another section of the warehouse. We also intend to discuss full event design, linens, and the complete look.  We will be meeting with David on March 19th and the day will include the transportation to the warehouse, lunch, and time with me and David as well as designers Karen and Aileen Tran. That’s right Karen and Aileen Tran will be joining us in NYC. It was quite an exciting moment when Karen decided to come from California to present for the Chapel Designers.  Karen and Aileen will also be present for our group discussion day.

In addition to our day with David, we will tour the NYC flower market, and the Chapel Designers will meet for a conference. In this conference we will hear from different Chapel Designers and we will openly discuss procedures, policies, social media, sources, and trend. Our celebrity designers are a huge fun draw for our excursion to NYC, but its the time we share together in conference that seems to be the very most important part of the Chapel Designers conference.  I have several other fun events I am working on so watch the blog regularly but grab your seat now. Space will be limited. Please secure your hotel rooms at

t: +1 917 606 1353  I  f: +1 917 606 1363
152 W. 26th Street  I  New York NY 10001  I  USA

Request a “Chapel Designers” discounted room rate. Please note that the cost of the hotel room is the responsibility of the designer and not a part of the conference fee. Staying at this hotel has proven to be wonderful and it keeps us all together. Over the years a few people have deviated from this hotel and they have had some uncomfortable experiences. When there is free time we tend to gather at this hotel because they have a great roof top bar, and a super awesome conference room that I am considering again this year.  The hotel is a quick walk away from the flower market and it’s super close to the fabric and trim stores.

Arrival and departure – I would suggest arriving early to mid day on the 17th. We most certainly will gather the early evening of the 17th and we may even plan an event for that afternoon. Students should plan to stay through the 20th of March with a departure date of the 21st of March.

I will never be able to express how much this group means to me and how much it has helped me as a designer. I have made life long friends in this group of Chapel Designers. Once you are a Chapel Designer you will have access to continuous resources and you will have friends to help you through any situation. Please join me in NYC!!!


As you can see we have had a lot of fun over the years and I know this year will be even better!!! Some of the pretty images were taken by photographer Vicki Grafton, and the head shot of me was taken by Geneveive Leiper.

  • Marci Gerlach Says: (11.10.2012 | 12:51)

    I VOW to one day attend! I am putting this in writting so that it must be done. (fear of leaving 2 little ones under 3 with my husband).
    Holly: I admire your ability to create, design, priortize family and teach all at the same time. A huge round of kuddos to you.

  • Sue Prutting Says: (11.15.2012 | 07:54)

    I just signed up for the trip and am crazy excited to become a Chapel Designer!!! Amanda from Alluring Blooms spoke so highly of last year’s trip, I just couldn’t pass up the chance! Can’t wait!

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  • Alexandra Says: (12.19.2012 | 08:07)

    Welcome Sue!!!!! I can’t wait to meet you.

  • Eatherley Schultz Says: (01.06.2013 | 05:58)

    I am also joining the Chappell Designers for this first time this March! I was able to meet Holly and take a wedding class from her at Faith Flowers in Atlanta this past Fall. I am honored to be a part of this and can’t wait to connect to so many designers and flower lovers! Thank you Holly!

    • Holly Chapple Says: (01.07.2013 | 12:57)


      I am so thrilled you are joining us. Several of the students will be coming this year. This is perfect for you. I am so excited for you, this is gonna make your life so much better.

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