A bit of peace has come!! All of the kids are now home and this makes me really happy. A good portion of the flowers have been designed and that makes me really relieved. We are almost ready for our big family wedding. It was fun to see my daughters checking out their bouquets. They have seen a lot of bouquets leave this house and now its their turn.

Riley has completed his best man speech and I am super proud of him. We custom cut and stamped 106 napkins, hung drape in the barn and we even got the lights up. I want to thank my dear friend Don for providing our family with the most magnificent dahlias!! Yeah for Don. Things are coming along nicely. Tomorrow we are going to get all of our props into the barn and play with ribbon, vintage bottles, and more drapes. Thanks also to my mom and dad who are cooking all of the BBQ for the big dinner tonight. Hosting a rehearsal dinner when you are responsible for the flowers and event decor, ring bearers, flower girl, bridesmaids, and best man, is a bit of a challenge. I seemed to forget that we would all be at the rehearsal, rehearsing so I didn’t quite figure out how we would host a dinner tonight, nor did I remember to invite anyone, brilliant. So thanks to mom and dad for saving me!!! Every single Chapple child has a part in this wedding and we need to let them practice.

One more day!!!

  • Tracy Park Says: (10.04.2012 | 12:09)

    I am sure you are sooo happy what a great day, and I am sure this will be an amazing wedding , hope all goes well..

  • Sandra White Says: (10.04.2012 | 01:50)

    Holly, Just wanted to say that I am thinking about you on this very special upcoming day in your family. The flowers above are breathtaking. I know it will be a beautiful wedding.

  • Margaret Says: (10.04.2012 | 03:01)

    Holly, what a spectacular bouquet! We’ll be thinking of you this weekend. Congratulations to all of your family and have a BLAST! I know it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous!

  • botanical brouhaha Says: (10.04.2012 | 10:34)

    And still you blog?!! Clearly, you are Wonder Woman! Thinking of you often, dear friend. Praying that you enjoy every minute with your precious children in the next two days….and with Evan, too! Love you!

  • Margaret Says: (10.08.2012 | 02:31)

    Congratulations to the entire Chapple clan! And welcome to the newest family member, bride Mallory! Hope y’all had a blast at your wedding!

    ps can’t wait for the pics!

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