Last week we were at the beach, I was gone from my property for one week. The moment I set foot out of the car I knew something was different, I could feel fall coming to get us. Even though we are technically in the middle of summer, the transition of a new season is beginning. I didn’t want to believe it or feel it, so I decided to pretend that fall wasn’t coming to get us. I got away with this for a few days, but last night I was looking at this picture of a design we created yesterday.

I can see the fall creeping into this design, can you see it, can you feel it?


  • Christie Says: (08.03.2012 | 03:18)

    I love this… so soft and pretty!

  • Kelly Sullivan (Botanique) Says: (08.03.2012 | 06:38)

    I’ve been feeling it too! It seems so early, but those seed pods, grasses, and autumn colors are already starting to appear! I love the bunny tail grass and amaranth in this bouquet- so fun and beautiful.

  • Kristina Says: (08.03.2012 | 10:33)

    Weird you should say that! This morning there were about 8 yellow leaves on my driveway from my neighbors tree and I thought the same thing! (we are in California) It won’t be long now!
    BTW loved your post on your family. I have 4 children and am constantly amazed at how quickly time goes by and am joyful at the progress and sad for those little people that I won’t be with anymore! I am always telling the young mommies to love and enjoy every minute because it goes by like a blink! God Bless you!

  • Heather Says: (08.04.2012 | 01:45)

    Oh no! I love the fall, but I’m in denial about how fast this summer haso gone by. But, today I saw someone out in their yard raking up some fallen leaves, so I hate to admit I think you’re right. Lets try to hold on to the summer as long as we can!

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