A lot has been happening around here the last few days and I am sorry I have missed my usually postings. Several of my designer friends or Chapel Designers are in town this week and we have been working on a special project in DC. This activity has had me out of the studio for the last 3 days.

While I have been away Evan has been managing the kids and the property. Everything is absolutely flourishing under his care and seeing how our gardens are growing is truly thrilling. On Saturday evening and Sunday morning Evan and I spent hours planting new shrubs and placing our seedlings into the gardens. We have been busy on these projects because we have decided to put more emphasis on the agricultural side of our business. We also have decided to share our property with our friends and followers. As an agricultural business we will also be able to sell directly from this land. In addition I will soon be releasing a floral design training schedule. Get ready good things are coming!!!

  • Pam Morris Says: (06.28.2012 | 02:48)

    Wonderful news! I am so excited about the prospect of being able to meet you.

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