It’s bringing me such delight to walk into my garden and gather our bounty. I remember years and years ago walking this little plot of land and always being surprised by the treasures I found. 25 years later I am still surprised by the gifts of this property. This week I designed with ornamental grasses, grapes from our vine, scabiosa pods, smoke bush, herbs, nandina berry, hydrangea, amaranthus, gooseneck loosestrife, astrantia, zinnia, and snowberry. That is a very handsome pull from my own back yard.

My signature Holly leaf.

Because the grapes were so heavy and fully developed I twisted the vine through the bouquet. The vine of the grape actually was acting as a frame for my design and the vine helped to support the grapes in the bouquet. I love the soft romantic vibe of this design.

I wish I could have a bride brave enough to take whatever the garden would give her. It would be so fun to give these garden bouquets to a real bride.

Over the weekend I also created this compote design. I got the bowl in California and brought it back in my suitcase.  I used pink peonies, pink cabbage roses, red amaranthus, viburnum berry, persimmon foliage’s, plum branches and nectarines still on the branch. I stole the little nectarines from Evan’s orchard and I got in big trouble for that.

I am so enjoying creating these garden pieces. There are days I can barely stand to stay on the computer and work, I truly hear the garden calling me. There is no way to explain how much I am benefiting from these designs or the sheer pleasure it brings me. But one thing is for certain these designs are certifying that I am in love with what I do and that my passion to design is very strong.

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