As many of you know I am in Sonoma on yet another adventure but please, please, please don’t be jealous of me. I am sure you are wondering how in the heck I have the money or the time for these travels but the truth is for the last 25 years I have been home mothering or designing. Somehow we have made the time and found the money for me to travel, and to study. Lets just say I have been on a fact finding mission this year or a flower finding mission.  My fist day in Sonoma began with flowers, lots and lots of flowers.

This week I am studying under the accomplished and internationally recognized designer Ariella Chezar. The classes are taking place at the Twin Palms estate. The venue is owned and operated by Krisit Amoroso who happens to be a friend of Ariella. Kristi and her husband have created an incredible home that is perfect for workshops and small events.

Ariella began the day by teaching us the art of the compote.

Under Ariella’s instruction my first design turned out beautifully.

Next we were treated to a fabulous lunch that was served in Kristi’s pool house.

After lunch we worked on designs that featured a collection or gathering of florals. Thankfully I get to keep all of these vases. I’m not quite sure how I am going to get them all home but you can bet I’m gonna try!!!

My last arrangement of the day was this huge piece that was created in a tall urn. Unfortunately the picture is a tad bit dark but the piece was a beauty!!

During the day growers and designers were stopping by with beautiful product.  This is Fallon from Garden Valley Ranch. Fallon brought us roses for one of our projects.

You can bet I am having an amazing time and I am learning so very much!!!

Also just so you know, I will be standing in my shop by the end of the week going over this weeks weddings and making my bridal bouquets!!!

  • Becca *Petal Floral Design* Says: (06.13.2012 | 02:22)

    I can’t believe you’re there, what a dream! I want to go to the next one!!! Everything looks so amazing!!

  • Shelly Bagdasian Says: (06.13.2012 | 02:35)

    I am so happy for you and thankful that you are sharing your experiences! I can’t wait for the next tweet!

  • Trish Van de Merkt Says: (06.13.2012 | 04:13)

    Oh Holly! So beautiful and inspirational. The product, the vases, the pool house, Ariella!!!! You look so happy, I can’t wait to hear more.

  • alicia Says: (06.13.2012 | 08:49)

    you got to meet Fallon!! She’s awesome and the roses she tends to are out of this world!! Looks super fun 🙂

  • Sweet Harvest Moon Says: (06.14.2012 | 10:40)

    Beautiful! Have fun!

  • Jamie Says: (06.18.2012 | 12:09)

    Holly, Thank you for a fabulous momento of our special time together! All My Best, Jamie

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