Yesterday was a busy day but we managed to create totally amazing pieces for this weekends events. Here are some pictures that show our cooler, shop and yard. Thankfully we took the time to model a few of our designs. Wish us luck today as we battle the heat, and a big parade in DC that is sure to cause some trouble as far as traffic goes.


The inspector!!!

Bout and corsage time.

Our home made garland, we always make it in house, literally!!!

Our beautiful all white bridal bouquet for one of our very special brides. Happy day!!!

  • Pam Morris Says: (06.10.2012 | 01:24)

    That first bouquet is beyond beautiful. The colors and textures are incredible.

  • Tiffany Forster Says: (07.06.2012 | 02:08)

    That’s my bouquet!!! I loved it SO much! It was perfection! All the flowers were just absolutely amazing! Completely beyond what I could have ever imagined. It’s so cool seeing them all waiting patiently in your cool 🙂

    Holly, I cannot thank you enough for making all my wedding dreams a reality:-) You are truly the best!

  • Tina Marek Says: (09.05.2012 | 03:05)

    Hello…I have just found your blog…love love love…your flowers….in the above bouquet….what is the name of the white cabbage roses? Thanks

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