Hey there! This is Holly’s daughter, Hannah–I’m home from James Madison University for the Summer, and I’m working for Holly Chapple Flowers. Today, I’m in charge of the blog post!  It’s definitely a full week here at the Full Bouquet. There are a bunch of ladies working in the shop right now, my dad has gone to an iron shop in Winchester & a wood shop in Berryville, and my mom and I are going to Eli’s kindergarten graduation party in an hour. Yesterday was extremely exciting; we had a visit from Andrea from LynnVale Studios.

Andrea came bearing gifts in her huge flower van. The flower shop ladies definitely idolized this vehicle…

And her beautiful flowers! Andrea brought us viburnum “wentworth” berries, lysimachia atropurpurea “Beaujolais,” Bronze Fennel, Poppy pods, Physocarpus “Diablo,” Peony “Garden Treasure” (from oregon), Wild Marjoram, and Yarrow. Quite the selection! And with these beautiful flowers, my mother made a beautiful bouquet.

My mother photographed all of Andrea’s amazing blossoms early this morning, and excitedly started her project. Then, I photographed the phenomenal bouquet while one of her designers modeled with it.

It’s certainly been an adventure here. Now that we’ve done this mini photo-shoot, my mother has another one up her sleeve. I’ll be sure to publish those photos up here soon!

  • Amy S. Says: (06.09.2012 | 03:42)

    Gorgeous! I love the seed pods tucked in and the tumbling lysimachia atropurpurea.

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