Perhaps the lack of several blog posts last week was a clue to my readers that we are very busy here. With Evan as a part of our team we have decided to add to our responsibilities, instead of chilling out like any normal person would have chosen to do. We have been busy in the garden, very busy!!! Evan is also building amazing props for our clients so this has been an exciting spring.  Here are a few pictures from our garden, and our weekend. If I were to guess I bet we have over 700 blooms of hydrangea on the property right now.

And we planted 8 more hydrangea bushes yesterday.

This seedling bench has been holding our babies as they grow. When the plants are big enough they are moved into the gardens. We have planted 100’s of plants that we started on this bench and yesterday I started 100’s more. We had so many things we wanted to grow this year, its been hard to get all of the seeds started. For now I think the last seeds have been planted.

I planted seeds, while Evan cleaned up an old garden. This spot had been abandoned for several years. We are going to make this space pretty again by adding in some of our seedlings. Our biggest issue is the deer. The plants the deer prefer have to get planted in the fortress that Evan built. Thankfully they don’t like zinnia, or celosia. However the deer will eat our gladiolas and sunflowers down to the ground!!! Several years ago they started eating our hydrangea so we got Sadie dog and she seems to have that part under control now.

While we work, they play!!! Thankfully under Hannah’s watchful eye and camera lens!!!

On Saturday Evan played soccer coach for Eli’s team. Although it was not a championship game Eli believed it was and we must have heard 100 times about his championship game. Eli scored 4 goals in one game so it was super exciting. Thankfully the game was at 9am and I got to go to the game before all of the days weddings.

Go Eli, go coach Chapple!!!

The above images would have been your in the cooler post if I had gotten that done. They show the preparation for last weekends events.

Our Chuppah had a a really big weekend. First it went to the Eastern Shore with Evan on Friday, and then it went to Lansdowne Resort on Sat. At Lansdowne it was draped in orchids, crystals, and butterflies.

Here I am with designer Theresa and our lovely intern Amelia.

Another shot of our Amelia. We are loving having her with us this summer.

Our head table at Lansdowne Resort.

Place card design for our Lansdowne wedding.

Here is an iPhone shot of our beautiful bride Jenn, and her ceremony at the Decatur House.

Are you getting tired yet? A lot sure goes on here in 3 days!!!!

Here is Lindsay’s bouquet.

Felicia’s bouquet

and Abby’s bouquet. I will share some images from Kelly and Jennifers wedding tomorrow. Hope I didn’t just exhaust you!!!

  • Kelly Sullivan (Botanique) Says: (06.04.2012 | 04:40)

    Oh my, you are a busy lady! It is so exciting to hear about your expanding garden, I had no idea you were growing so many of your flowers!

  • Pam Morris Says: (06.04.2012 | 05:43)

    Beautiful work both in the garden and the studio. You all are so amazing.

  • Eliza Says: (06.14.2012 | 05:13)

    I love all the different bouquets! I was coming to your blog to find out what a specific flower was called and you featured thistle, which is what I was trying to find! 🙂

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