Today’s “from the garden” post was inspired by my new found love of Jadeite or green milk glass. I can thank Chapel Designer, Alexandra Jusino for my new found love of this vintage container, and for my new obsession with Ebay. Thanks Alex, this new love of mine is going to cost the Chaplets big!!!

This week my garden was rocking out some beautiful coral roses, I found these down by the pool.

Annabelle hydrangea

Passion vine

Dusty miller in bloom

Pink peony

Pink hydrangea

Nandina foliage and berry. I am obsessed with my nandina berry in the spring. I cut the berries early in the season because I like the pink or white dainty berry. This bush is typically recognized for its strong red berries, but that just never happens here.  The berries are long gone before they can ever become red.

Red-tip Photinia is another foliage I love. The foliage is very red in the early spring or in the fall but for now it’s just a clean green waxy leaf.


My killer green milk glass vases.

Greens first.

Since this particular design is being created in small cups, I needed to get the big blooms in first.

All of the dainty wispy flowers were placed around the focal bloom.

I certainly have a pretty view today!!!

  • Alexandra Jusino Says: (05.21.2012 | 01:25)

    Love it! Those jadeite vases up the ante! Can’t wait to design with mine for my mid July wedding

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