Some of you may have noticed, that I have not started my Friday night tradition of posting “in the cooler.” I honestly am not sure I will be able to keep that up this year, so I hesitated to tease you with this post. However conditions for a late night blog post were right tonight in the Chapple house,  I have 9 teenagers over for a mini party so I must stay awake, I only have 2 weddings which means we finished at a reasonable hour, and I did not take time to blog this morning. So… I thought I would pop by with this little post of what’s in my cooler!!

Today we did a yellow and white wedding. The bridal bouquet looked like this…

It was created with 20 stems of white stock, white ranunculus, yellow ranunculus, yellow billy balls, and my new favorite the SILK anemone. Every single time I buy white anemones, I get spotted losers. Being always cautious I asked my bride from day one, if the silk anemones would be allowed. No surprises for any of us. I knew those blooms would come in spotted and spotted blooms are not good enough to be Hollyish. In spite of the naughty anemones, I do love how this design turned out. This bouquet says, happy day with a pop of spring.

Maids bouquets were created with yellow cabbage roses, yellow billy balls, yellow spray roses and yellow ranunculus. Navy blue ribbon sealed the deal.

Centerpieces were created in white square glass vases with the same flowers.

Tomorrows bridal bouquet was created with white peony, white roses, white lilac, white freesia, white hydrangea and white roses.  This bouquet is a classic, elegant, beauty!!

We have 12 elevated designs for tomorrow, 12 low designs, lots of aisle decor, and lots and lots of petals. We are thankful for the beautiful designs we created this week and we are so happy for our brides and grooms.

Okay, so the teenagers just announced they are staying another hour. I am so glad they are having fun, but I am feeling mighty sleepy!!! At least you got a blog post out of me.

  • Sally Henderson Says: (04.28.2012 | 12:53)

    Yellow billy balls…I wondered earlier what those were, very pretty. I really like the “naughty” anemone – quite lovely and the bouquet is FABULOUS!!! All of it is wonderful! YOU are amazing!

  • Evie Says: (04.28.2012 | 03:28)

    Love love love these especially the white bouquet!!! Exquisite! x

    • Holly Chapple Says: (04.29.2012 | 01:20)

      There you are my Australian friend!!! I sure do miss you!! I am loving the clothes and gifts we gather together in Amsterdam!! I wish you could come by for a visit.

  • Terri Says: (04.28.2012 | 06:19)

    Nine teenagers and you’re still able to function!

  • Pam Morris Says: (04.28.2012 | 12:08)

    Thanks for taking the time out of your exhausting day to share. The florals for today’s weddings are beyond beautiful.

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