Last weekend we designed these sexy red and blue designs for our wedding at the St. Regis Hotel in DC. The designs were to be all about the red, and blue was a slight accent tone.

Bridesmaids bouquets were created with a mass of red flowers and a collar of blue thistle and blue muscari.

This design was created to be used in two locations. First the design would be placed on the credenza at the ceremony site and then it would double as the center centerpiece on the king table. This thing was hot!!

Compote bowls  were created for the centerpieces of red cabbage roses, red and burg carnations, red fringe tulips, red double tulips, red anemone, red spray roses, and red ranunculus. The designs were collared with blue privet berry!!

Small designs of blue muscari and blue thistle were created to add an extra touch of blue to the king table. The king table is a long table that often seats the wedding party. A king table seats guests on both sides instead of the traditional one sided head table.

Our bouts and corsages are always stunning!!

These designs looked so beautiful and created the perfect backdrop for the ceremony.

Family reserved seating was marked with blue privet berry, blue thistle, blue muscari, and navy blue velvet ribbon.

Guest tables each featured a compote bowl design.

The king table had two elevated designs and a collection of small vases and compote bowls. All of the tables featured ice blue linens and a lace overlay.

My brides bouquet featured all red peony, red cabbage roses, red anemone, red tulips, red spray roses and red ranunculus. The bouquet was bound with navy blue satin ribbon and navy blue velvet ribbon.

Here is my pretty bride Desiree!! I hope you had a wonderful wedding day bride of mine!!

  • Sami Engle Says: (03.28.2012 | 01:37)

    LOVE the large king table design!! You know I’m a fan of fabulous king tables. That one you did back in September was to die for!! 😉

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