A lot has happened here in the last few days. First off, our New York City bound floral designers group called the Chapel Designers has a brand new logo. This is something I am really excited about and it’s a design I am really proud of.  The logo like much of the art on The Full Bouquet blog was created by my friend and past bride Rachel. Rachel owns Miss Merkle design and she has been instrumental in helping me with all of our web materials and logos. I will always be grateful to Rachel for all of the help she has given me, and I will always love her because she’s one of my brides!! You can see Rachel’s wedding pictures here.

Next and this is really BIG….the Chapel Designers will be meeting with Matthew Robbins in NYC.  Matthew is a contributing editor for Martha Stewart Weddings and his list of accolades can be seen here. Designers are asked to arrive in New York on Sunday March 11th, early in the day. We are due at Matthews corp offices that day at 5pm. I will be sending a list of updated information to all confirmed designers next week. At this time we still have a few spaces left for those wishing to come to NYC with the Chapel Designers. Tickets can be purchased on the side bar of this blog through paypal.  Here is the itinerary so far for our NYC trip.

1. March 11th arrive in NYC and check into your hotels. Please check our post about Tara to get your hotel information and or more information about the trip. We will head to the offices of Matthew Robbins where Matthew will show us some of this favorite designs and creations from his new book Matthew Robbins Inspired Weddings.  Each student will receive a copy of the book. This is my welcome gift to each of the Chapel Designers. Matthew will sign autographs for us that evening.

2. On Monday March 12th we will be in conference all day with Tara Guerard Soiree at the Hilton New York Fashion District Hotel ,where I believe most of you will be staying.  If you have not already made a reservation with the hotel please contact them to get the best rate available. The blocked rooms may be sold out at this time. This day will include a light breakfast and a catered lunch. I first heard Tara speak several years ago in San Francisco and I have been a fan of hers ever since. Bring you pen and paper for this. Tara shares so much knowledge, so fast, you can barely write it down.

3. On Tuesday we will visit the flower market which is a very short walk away from the hotel. That afternoon we will be back in conference at the hotel and I will share with you some of my sweet successes and even some of my painful mistakes. I hope others from the group will consider presenting as well. This will be our time for open discussion.

4. On Wednesday The Flower School of NYC has created a workshop for The Chapel designers with designer Ariella Chezar . This class does require an additional fee that will be paid directly to the school. We have sold out the mid day class and the afternoon class but a morning class will be added for those who have not yet signed up with Ariella. Please make sure you watch for this closely and directly on the schools website. This is our last scheduled day together but I will be staying on one additional night to attend the World Floral Expo. If you are interested in attending this trade show you must apply for admission and that can be done on their website.

Lastly one more amazing thing happened to me today, I confirmed a trip to Holland and Belgium with Faith Flowers . I finally found the courage to go and do this and it is something I have always wanted to do. On this trip I will see the worlds largest flower auction, the tulip fields, and I will be designing with internationally recognized designers. In all truth, I am ecstatic right now. My last blog post was about being fulfilled, so now you could say I am brimming over!!!!  So for now I am off duty for one week. I will be away celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary with my husband. While I am gone we will be featuring the work of the Chapel designers. Life is good!!!

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