Many of you have noticed a new rose in my cooler. The rose is called peppermint it’s the darkest rose in the picture above.  It’s a notch or two stronger in tone than sahara and it has been a joy to design with. This rose brings a very taupe green color to my designs but it also has a hint of blush. It’s so neutral that I have been pairing it with everything. Another very similar variety is silver finesse. The finesse rose is far more fluffy but the color is about the same. I love them both.

As you can see she is a lovely rose and paired with pepperberry, tuber roses, lady apples, seeded euc, astilbe, queen annes lace and sahara roses it’s magic. This design will be used to decorate the place card area.

Our wedding this week is all about the romance, and we have added some bling for our very special bride.

Our elevated designs also featured gold painted apples, these apples have been hanging with us since our October 15th wedding.  I got to use them for that wedding, my Thanksgiving centerpiece, and now they are gold for tomorrow. With time to spare we were feeling mighty creative this week.

For our altar we have designed a wall of sheer gold fabric and hanging crystals. The gold and bling together is amazing.

Everything is so beautiful, I can’t wait to see my bride!!

Our cooler is also sporting some beautiful holiday decor and one vase of amazing white ranunculus.

It’s been a crazy and honestly painful week. The lessons I have learned are still stinging but I look forward to our wedding tomorrow and to our annual visit to see santa at our elementary school. The kids are most certainly thrilled about that. Thanks for all of your comments and support this week!! Watch my tweets tomorrow, because our wedding is going to be very pretty!!!

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