My cousin Greta is the Program Manger for Foster Care and Adoption for the Alexandria Department of Community and Human Services. As I write this I am seriously crying. I am so proud of Greta and all she does to unite these children with loving wonderful parents. Her job is one that truly matters and makes a difference in children’s lives each day. Each year there is an adoption day celebration and cousin Greta drives all the way out to my house to get the families a Holly Chapple flower Bouquet for the party. Helping with this event is such an honor and a complete joy. This year we provided 10 bouquets. My only hope is each year the amount of bouquets I provide will increase. Here is a note from my cousin Greta….

Hi Holly –  The flowers were beautiful and much appreciated!!!!!!

Here are two photos of the Snow family; parents Steve and Mary Kay and their three sons Ari (front), Jeremiah (left), and Rashad (in Steve’s arms).  They received your flowers as part of the City of Alexandria’s Adoption Day Celebration and their adoption of Rashad. This is the family’s third adoption through the City. They are a wonderful family;  Steve and Mary Kay have opened their home to many children in need over the years and have found great joy as foster/adoptive  parents.  They are surrounded by a large and supportive extended family, much like ours.

November is National Adoption Month and you may have have read about other celebrations around the state and country. In addition to celebrating these amazing children and families, we want to draw everyone’s attention to the need for families to open their homes to children in foster care, particularly siblings groups and teens.

Thank you so much for your support. We are thrilled to give our families such beautiful bouquets.

It was great to see you and the flower shop in action. You are doing such unique and beautiful designs. I am so proud of you!!  Love you and see you on Thursday!


Here are some additional pictures of this wonderful family.

This is so awesome and it’s a really nice happy thought as we move into the holidays!!

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