It seems that things never really slow down around here so I neglected a post yesterday and I am going to make today’s most mighty pretty, but mighty quick.

These pictures have just come back in from our black and white wedding last weekend and I am delighted to share them with you. The designs were created with white football mums, white carnations, white hydrangea, and a few mini gerbers with the black center. We also painted privet berry a darker black to get our color theme rocking!!

If you read my last post this is the wedding that required those naughty anemones and thankfully between fresh and silk anemones we had just the right amount. It only took five different wholesalers and 3 different Fed Ex shipments to get enough for the bridal bouquet and the cake. This is not a stunt I advise you to do at home!! Holy cow, I am still so mad at the anemones!!!

I can’t wait to see more from this wedding. Our altar flowers and bouquets were to die for on this wedding. Many thanks to Vicki Grafton who styled and planned the event and who also happened to capture these beautiful detail shots.

Happy day, I am spending it designing, writing flower recopies, delivering flowers, and writing a mountain full of new contracts. Could 2012 possibly be larger than 2011? OMG!!!!!!!!!

  • John Says: (11.10.2011 | 07:02)

    Pretty much amazing. I’m not surprised! If you were a novelist you would be just as comfortable writing a romance, a thriller, or a mystery novel. Prolific and versatile. Not a bad combination!

  • janet Says: (11.10.2011 | 07:06)

    Gorgeous! I never would have guessed about the anemones if I hadn’t read yesterday’s post!

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