Today I am happily sharing wedding pictures from Marci and Jesse’s wedding. Today is their first wedding anniversary. Groom Jesse is coming by later today to pick up a gorgeous centerpiece for his bride. Jesse thought it would be fun and special to bring his bride the same flowers she had on her wedding day. I have to give Jesse a big huge round of applause because in the 19 years we have been designing only 3 grooms have been clever or thoughtful enough to do this. Jesse sent over some wedding pictures and asked if we could make his bride something special with some of the same flowers we used a year ago. Jesse also told us Marci is still talking about her wedding flowers a year later. That is certainly something for us to be proud of!!  Have a happy anniversary Marci and Jesse, and Marci here is a little note from your groom….

“Wishing my wife Marci a wonderful first year anniversary, and looking forward to many great years ahead to cherish with you.”



The centerpiece a year ago at the wedding.

The anniversary centerpiece. See things just get better!!! Happy married life Jesse and Marci!!

First three images taken by Rothwell Photography.

  • Marci Says: (09.12.2011 | 08:36)

    Jesse is a wonderful husband!!! I loved my wedding flowers so much but had to leave them behind for others to enjoy when we left for our honeymoon. (I had considered taking my bouquet as a carry-on however, my purse was more practical.) The anniversary flowers are a nice surprise and I’ll be able to enjoy them for the whole week!!. Unfortunately, I’ve received flowers from you twice, and have never met you in person.

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