OMG, I am so tired I can barely believe I am writing this post. My mind is buzzing with all that we have done. Between the bus stops, preschool drops, and diaper changes, we kicked some serious floral fanny. We have so many beautiful things in our 911 cooler we should win an award for decking all of Loudoun County with beauty.

In addition to our regular weddings Evan has two lighting contracts and we have an antique furniture rental as well. I also signed up to donate wedding flowers to a military couple in honor of 911. This couple won the Love and Liberty give away from Musket Ridge Golf Club. Yes its busy here but we are so excited to be delivering our amazing designs. I have several fabulous families this weekend and each one of them is very special to me. We have every bird cage, brooch, mason jar, bridal bouquet, urn, or iron stand ready for delivery. We have lists, lists, and more lists, and we are ready for tomorrow.

Thanks to the fabulous designers that made this week a success and also to Peter, Alex, and Evan who missed the photo op. You all did an amazing job this week!!!!

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