Designer, photographer, event planner Vicki Grafton came by the house a few weeks ago to play with my endless stash of antiques and props for a quick inspiration shoot. She created this really sweet table scape in my yard right before my daughter Abby took her new desk off to college.  Pink cabbage roses, pink spray roses, seeded euc, and dahlias were used to create these designs.

Vicki brought over this vintage cigar box and I filled it up with some lovely little petals.

Our stunning model was Megan Soh from the Suitcases and Cardigans blog. Megan is also a designer that works with Vicki and hopefully someday with me.


Every great photo shoot needs an amazing bouquet, so I whipped up this lovely, with pink ohara roses, green hydrangea from the garden, a magnolia pod I stole from I am not telling where, nandina foliages, and the amazing cafe au lait dahlias. This bouquet should have been used for a real bride, it killed me to take it apart. Any takers?

  • Eliza Lewis Says: (09.09.2011 | 07:20)

    I love your blog! You make such stunning arrangements!! Thanks for my daily dose of beauty. 🙂

  • megan soh Says: (09.11.2011 | 07:09)

    I totally would’ve taken that bouquet! One of these days (far, far away), I hope you’ll do mine!

  • Lisa Says: (09.20.2011 | 07:32)

    I love the muted colors here!

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