Several months ago I was asked to participate in a photo shoot led by event planner and designer Kelley Cannon of Kelley Cannon Events. This shoot totally appealed to me for many reasons, I adore working with Kelley and her fabulous side kick Karla, the shoot was being held in Middleburg, it was horsey themed ( I grew up on a horse farm and I used to fox hunt) and it was being photographed by my baby girl Anne Robert. Anne is not my baby, but I take a lot of pleasure in her work and her successes and I LOVE having my work photographed by her. For some reason I call her my baby girl. It must be my age showing through. I met Anne last summer and ever since then I have been one of her biggest fans and I happily will work on a shoot if she is involved. We did a fun series last year on my blog called Mystery Photographer.

About my mothers concrete horse, okay so Kelley mentioned she would like to have a horse bust as part of our centerpiece. My head went swirling back to my youth. My mother had a concrete horse bust on the coffee table in our living room. It was one of those things that she just loved. I remember we used to slide it around the coffee table and I think we rode it a time or two. I have two sets of twin sisters and its a wonder we did not kill the concrete horse. I do think we broke its tail and I think we chipped its ear. I knew this horse would be perfect for our table because we wanted to use soft pinks and greys as our color palette, so I went in pursuit of the old concrete horse. It was found at sister Heathers house, thankfully she allowed me to take the horse on a little trip to Middleburg. This shoot will always be my favorite shoot because of mothers concrete horse.

The shoot began with an amazing bridal bouquet, a bouquet that I am totally proud of.

For days I had been seeing this beautiful white cascading bloom hanging from the trees and I knew I just had to have it for this shoot. Oddly enough several months before I had made a crown of thorns for our church. I had found thorny branches along the side of the road to use for the crown. As I reached up to snag the beautiful white blooms for my bridal bouquet, I was rewarded with a terrible scratch. It turns out the amazing white blooms were growing on the crown of thorns branch. It was such a surprise to realize something so awful could produce something so beautiful, and the fragrance was incredible. I have never smelled anything as wonderful as this thorny blooming branch. The branch was locust so the bouquet was created with cascading locust, white peony, jasmine vine, pink ranunculus, dusty miller and pink majolica spray roses.

Snapdragons, dusty miller and succulents were added to the maids bouquet.

Everything about this shoot was amazing including hair and makeup. Hair was done by Jewels Jackson, and makeup by Amie Decker Beauty.

Jewels used a necklace in the brides hair and it looked incredible.

The details of this shoot are completely dreamy. Kelley and Karla did such an amazing job!!!

Thanks mom for letting me use your concrete horse!!

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