Yep, this is not a happy post. This is an I am crying post!!! These last 24 hours have been so incredibly horrid. Despite my lack of abilities on the computer, I blog. I am most certainly more of a crafty girl, over being tech savvy. Some nights I really wonder why I even bother to blog, but then someone will invariably tell me how much they enjoy my posts. My blog was hacked yesterday and over 40 posts were lost. Each post usually takes me about an hour to write and it’s killing me that my journal is gone. In addition to all of the flower stories I share, I share about our family. Our summer vacation post, Rileys birthday, the announcement about Evan joining our team. It’s all gone, and right now I hate the internet, blogs, and Host A  Gator for certain.  I almost did not blog tonight because I am so angry, tired, and fed up. However, I was on the phone with next weekends bride Michelle and she sweetly said “I hope your blog gets better, and I look forward to your Friday night posts.”  Just that little bit of encouragement made me press on tonight so thank you Michelle!!!! And you know what, in spite of what’s going on in my internet world, there are some really beautiful things “in the cooler.”

We have a “snow wedding” and this has miss Grace totally mesmerized.

In addition to making it snow tomorrow, we are making a candy bar and a popcorn bar.

Thank you Michelle, next weekend it will be your turn to have a bouquet “in the cooler.”

  • alicia Says: (08.13.2011 | 03:09)

    big hug flower sister!

  • Michelle Says: (08.13.2011 | 03:38)

    I love looking at your creations just before I head to bed. Makes for wonderful dreams each Friday night. 🙂

  • botanical brouhaha Says: (08.13.2011 | 05:16)

    Hang in there! We all want (need) to hear from you…to be able to admire your amazing work and be uplifted by your amazing sense of humor. Press on! Love from Texas…

  • Carlyn B. Says: (08.13.2011 | 12:47)

    Oh no! I’m so glad you decided to do a post, despite your frustration. I know. like so many others, how
    much I enjoy reading your blog and looking at your beautiful work! Lots of hugs to you!!! 🙂

  • Pam Morris Says: (08.13.2011 | 02:55)

    I am so sorry about the hackers. I kept going to your blog last night and was so frustrated that it was not working. It is truly the highlight of my day. I am constantly in awe of you. How you do everything that you do is beyond me. Please keep up your blogging. I know so many others find inspiration from you on a daily basis too. In the cooler is breath taking!

  • Heavenly Blooms Says: (08.13.2011 | 06:48)

    Don’t stop blogging Holly – people suck, but don’t let them get you down. I admire you for your ability to blog every week, sometimes even more than once. I love your posts. Chin up my dear super hero… And I love your Grace, the picture of her looking at the snow is my favorite. May she follow in her mama’s footsteps and always been inspired and in awe of the beauty around us… Jaclyne xoxo

  • Holly Chapple Says: (08.13.2011 | 11:00)

    Thank you so much for the love and support. This is really getting me down and all of your comments have brightened my day. I love my flower sisters, and I love my brides.

  • Jeannine @ Small and Chic in Cville Says: (08.14.2011 | 01:54)

    Holly, I can send you the posts! They are still loaded in my blog reader…at least a bunch of them are. They don’t have the images anymore, but perhaps with the text, you can reload the images?

    The next post showing on this page is 7/5. I’m going to assume you need everything between then and now?

    Just let me know and I’ll start emailing them to you!

    • Holly Chapple Says: (08.16.2011 | 01:39)

      Thank you so much for doing this!!!

  • Barbara Ponder Says: (08.14.2011 | 05:33)

    Holly, I have been following your blog since I decided to do the flowers for my nieces wedding 2 years ago. Your designs are AMAZING and your love for your craft is inspiring! I long to be able to do wedding floral for a living but alas allow my insecurities to stop me. I love to come here and live vicariously through you! You and the blog make a HUGE difference! Please know how much you mean to so many

    Barbara in Texas

    • Holly Chapple Says: (08.16.2011 | 01:36)

      Thank you so much for your comments they mean so much to me!!

  • Carol Says: (08.15.2011 | 11:19)

    You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

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    DSL Vergleich

  • My Choi Says: (08.16.2011 | 05:07)

    Holly — I follow your blog religiously. Your designs are inspiring, your blog posts are the highlight of my week and you are transcending in your brilliance. Hang in there! Your blog is beautiful and you’ll build your journal again!

  • Jeanette Weiler Says: (08.16.2011 | 10:40)

    Your blog, work, pictures…are such an inspiration. Don’t let the bad guys steal this opportunity to share your vision and gifts. For me, your blog is such a treat! I check through the day to see if there are any new pics and if there is, I use them as a reward for work well done. Thanks for posting on the 13th…it is a happy morning to catch up on your hard work.

  • Rachel- blush floral Says: (08.17.2011 | 09:59)

    Much love from Australia, I would say that hackers can go tona certain place but I believe that it is swearing on your side of the globe :). Remember that you and your work are valued more than you realise. You are loved and treasured.xoxo

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