Desi and Rachel

Today we delivered wedding flowers to cousin Rachel who is my niece by marriage. The flowers were designed by the brides sister Desi, who is also my niece, designer Morgan from Petals and Hedges  and by me. This was a true team effort.  Desi is the landscape designer at Morgans garden center. Not only does Morgan have the garden center she is also a floral designer for weddings and special events. We have been referring Morgan and Desi for events when our studio is fully committed for a date. Spending time together designing ensures that my referral is solid.

Desi made this amazing bouquet for Rachel with just a little bit of help from me, Aunt Holly. The flowers and foliage’s Desi and Morgan brought from the garden center were fabulous and they certainly added just the right touch of magic to our designs.

The cafe au lait dahlias from California were truly amazing this week.

Vintage cake plates and old wooden boxes were used to hold the centerpieces.

It was fun to help with this very special wedding and really fun to design with Morgan and Desi.  I am sure they are still in shock from their chaotic visit to design in my studio. While we worked on Rachel’s flowers they saw me deal with the kids, do consultations, work on a photo shoot in my own yard, and supervise 3 other weddings. Yep they got a serious birds eye view of life at HollyHeiderChappleFlowers.  Without further delay here are some of the designs “in the cooler.”

This fabulous bridal bouquet is beyond beautiful, four different types of cabbage roses were used to create the bouquet. It is so full and so large that this is about a 1/4 of the bouquet. I have never seen or smelled anything like this bouquet. LUSCIOUS!!!

This wedding features the softest pinks, creams, and peaches with just a pop of silver.

Soft vintage blues and greens were used for our Oatlands wedding, our Sunday bride is going orange, yellow, and green.

Here is one last photo of a super sweet little bouquet that was left over from yesterdays photo shoot.

Hope you have a great night, and keep following we have some pretty big news we need to share!!!

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