This morning I woke to find this email in my inbox…




I’m watching with great pleasure your blog and I love everything you do.


My name is Petronela and I’m a florist designer in Romania. I am writing this e-mail request to help me with some advice: what to do if signs of wilting hydrangeas. This Sunday I will use many threads hydrangea and I’m afraid to fail.


I would be grateful if you help me


Thank you and have a nice day!


Petronela Tuca – SaraCreations


For many reasons it made me cry. Firstly how amazing is it that a designer in Romania is watching and following me. Secondly her admittance that she was afraid to fail. I am convinced that the fear of failure is what makes so many of us successful. If we did not truly care with a deep inner passion we would be simply ordinary at what we do. I am afraid to fail as well, each and every week!! To everyone designing across this world this week, I hope your hydrangea does not wilt, I hope your roses stand strong, and I hope you are inspired and driven not to fail!!! I suspect that this designer will not fail, but that she will design beautifully and magnificently this weekend, because she cares enough to write an email to a stranger in another country. Reaching out to others in your industry should be encouraged and rewarded!! Please take a look at this amazing designers blog, most likely you will not understand the language on the page, but you will be amazed by the designs, the  language of flowers is universal!

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