Last fall I had the pleasure of designing these amazing flowers for Marisa. Her wedding weekend happened to be the busiest weekend in the history of HollyHeiderChappleFlowers. In my mind and even in my iphoto gallery it’s called the seven wedding weekend. Marisa’s wedding was 2 hours from our studio, because of the distance from our home, and the fact that I already had a full weekend booked I attempted to decline this event. Each time I referred Marisa to another floral designer she would circle back to me. Marisa also agreed to pick up her flowers if I would just design them for her. I considered here persistence a huge honor  and I jumped into the art of designing Marisa’s wedding flowers and forgot about the challenge of the big weekend ahead. As is typical things just have a crazy way of working out here. Oddly enough that very same weekend a young girl named Elodie happened to come from France and intern here. With an additional pair of designer hands we sailed through the seven wedding weekend and even found the time to make the flower delivery. This particular weekend taught me so much about who we are as a company, a family, and how we care for our brides. Today I believe we can do anything, it’s also comforting to know I have extra designer hands in France, Canada, Michigan, Kentucky, Chicago, Colorado, Tennessee, California, and Ohio. I know we can do anything, I have the friends, the crew, and the family to help me make it happen. Things beyond my imagination are always becoming realities here, who would have thought that an intern from France would land on my doorstep in the height of the fall wedding season, and who would have thought that a young mother designing flowers in her kitchen would become a nationally recognized floral designer.  Yep fun and amazing things are always happening here. Now finally, here are the flowers from one of our most beautiful weddings last year and here is my bride Marisa who taught me so incredibly much.

This bouquet is a true beauty, it featured Don’s dahlias in white and orange, seeded euc, orange spray roses, antique green hydrangea, blue thistle, blue privet berry, veronica and sea star fern. Texture and color were the reason this bride came to me!!!

We provided a handmade garland for the families chuppah. We wired, seeded euc, italian ruscus and plumosa grass to create this garland.

The centerpieces we created for Marisa absolutely made my heart sing, they were truly some of my most favorite designs last year. Our fabulous wooden boxes were found for this wedding and every time I use them I think of this bride. Marisa also introduced me to bunny tails. See the little fluffy grass, this was on my brides wish list, and it was the first time I got to design with this texture. Loved it!!!

This wedding had a super happy ending, and it’s one that I will cherish forever.

Photographs by Michelle Frankfurter.

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