Our studio has been really hopping and we are totally rocking out some amazing designs. We are used to being super busy in the spring and certainly in the fall, but this year we are beyond busy July and August as well. Each wedding is turning out so beautifully and I am so proud of all the people that help here to make each wedding special.  I adored making the above bouquet for one of my favorite MOB’s, this bouquet was a complete joy to design and featured clematis vine from the mothers garden as well as the first buds of pee gee hydrangea. The clematis vine was my favorite element or texture of the weekend.

The bouquet also featured tuberoses, cabbage roses, quicksand roses, sahara roses, silver finesse roses, white stock, seeded euc and white ranunculus.

As we prepare to leave each wedding day all of the bridal bouquets need to be wrapped and finished for the bride and we have to go, over, and over, and over the lists.

My daughter Hannah caught this picture of me, Debbie and Myriam. We are at the back of the van going over every line item on the flower invoice. Do we have the candles, do we have the lanterns, extra vases, ribbon, props, bouts, corsages, altar designs, centerpieces, cake flowers, the list goes on and on. DO WE HAVE EVERYTHING???? I typically run back in the house about six times before I really leave, snagging more tape, more glue, more twine, more blooms, more, more, more.

Here are some of the designs in the studio just before they were boxed up to go to the wedding. I loved these bouts, they truly show how detailed even our littlest designs are.

This maids bouquet was created with silver finesse roses, lady moon roses, pink gomphrena, sea star fern, clematis vine, antique green hydrangea, seeded euc and fillers.

This bouquet was created with hot pink orchids, blue aggies, pink cabbage roses, hot pink and purple hydrangea from my garden, white stock, pink coxcomb, blue thistle, and blue delphinium. This picture shows the bouquet waiting on the counter just before we come to put the ribbon on. We let the bridal bouquets drink water in the vase all night long and then just before we go out for delivery we hit the bouquet with the finishing touches.

This beautiful bouquet was designed with white cabbage roses, white ranunculus, sea star fern, white zinnia’s from my garden, queen annes lace, scabiosa pods, dahlias from my man Don, white veronica, and white phlox also from my garden. The fragrance in this bouquet was incredible.

One of Don’s dahlias, thankfully he brought me a sample in coral. Seeing the tone of his coral dahlia helps me to check my colors for this weekend.

We also enjoyed our first harvest of zinnia’s. Tomorrow I will share with you some of the lovely details from one of our events. Happy Monday!!!

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