This is a gratitude post!! In spite of the fact that we were hit and seriously hit by Saturday’s storms, I am very grateful. Every family, house or home takes its share of direct hits, it just happens through the years. Honestly I knew we were due for something, day in and day out we deal with very few complications, other than just plain having to work hard. As a mother and a wife, the fear is always of big stuff like “keep my husband safe,” “don’t let anything happen to my kids,” ” no major illness, no job loss,” the list goes on and on for a mom–we just worry because it’s part of the job description. In addition to my family I also truly worry about my brides, that is one more added worry I carry!!!  On Sunday right after delivering our weddings, a storm like I have never seen hit our home.

Trees fell everywhere; one was blocking the road, one fell and hit my personal van and then reached out and hit my cargo van, another tree fell on my sons car, and other trees fell and surrounded Peter’s fabulous convertible Mercedes. Peter helps us with wedding deliveries, his car was here because he was out on delivery.

How this window survived is a complete mystery!

This window, however did not survive.

Alex’s car

As you can see Peter’s car escaped the damage by inches…

During the clean up, my husband smiled at me and said, “if this is the worse that happens to us we are great!!!” I had to agree and inside I just felt an awesome peace that this was our turn at bad luck, and hopefully this is the worse we will have to deal with.  In addition to the cars it looks like the storm hit my cooler, now that is scary and very frustrating but I know my cooler repair man is awesome, so hopefully the cooler can be fixed quickly and cheaply. Again the cooler is very important to me but it is not a living breathing family member so I can cope. However it is mighty hot “in the cooler.”

One last huge round of gratitude. Just a few miles away my bride and groom were celebrating their wedding, when I looked outside my window and saw the devastation in my own yard, I had true fear for my bride and groom. I kept thinking please, please let my bride & groom, their family and their reception tent be okay.  Via text I was able to reach the wedding coordinator to confirm that everyone was okay at the wedding. I was thankful, thankful, thankful; if the storm that hit our house had swirled through the reception tent at the wedding, I am certain there would have been nothing left of the reception!!! So as you can see we have lots to be grateful for. Now it’s time to deal with rental cars, insurance, and the refrigerator man… Happy day!!

  • Pam Morris Says: (07.06.2011 | 02:06)

    Thank God you and your family are safe after such a horrible storm. Cars and coolers can be easily replaced.

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