My property and the surrounding land around our house is absolutely producing the most wonderful things. Yesterday big brother Alex encouraged us to take a walk with him to hunt for berries.

We got buckets of berries and this was fabulous because Hannah wanted to bake a raspberry lemon pie.

Keeping the littlest ones out of the berries was the biggest challenge on our adventure.

However we were successful and Hannah’s pie was amazing!!

The treasure in our yard right now, is the hydrangea that is blooming so beautifully. It is wonderful to have mounds of color all over the yard.

My lace cape hydrangea is one of my favorites on the property, I was able to use this variety in Meg’s bouquet this past weekend.

As far as the wedding go we did 6 weddings last weekend, so it was nice to take some time to play with the kids and enjoy all of the beautiful things growing around me. I will share with you some of the images from this past weekend tomorrow. Have a great day!!

  • botanical brouhaha Says: (06.27.2011 | 12:12)

    I seriously want to come live with you after this post 🙂 Hope you have a great week…hugs to you from Texas!

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