That’s right, today I am bringing you designs from Cairns witch is a city in the Far North region of Queensland Australia. Rachel Gregory owns and operates a wedding floral boutique in Australia called Blush Floral Bouqtiue. We met via the internet and I thought it would be fun to feature some of her work. I love the combination of white cymbidium orchids with the light peach roses. There is something very soft and romantic about these designs, very dreamy.

Here is Rachel’s bio that I snagged off of her website: Rachel Gregory has been a florist since she was 16! Starting as a Junior Florist in a florist shop in North Rocks, Sydney, she fell in love with the business immediately. She completed further work experience in North Sydney before starting a small wedding floristry on her own. Word of mouth spread and she was kept busy almost every day. After spending time living and working overseas, she returned to Australia, met her husband, and moved to Cairns for his work as a pilot.

Rachel spent 3 years working at Wedding Treasures in Cairns and has had the privilege of helping more than 350 brides with their wedding flowers. Now a mother to two wonderful little boys, she loves leaving behind the ‘manliness’ in her house and being a part of a bride’s special day by providing the finishing touches with a beautiful bouquet! Blush Floral’s flowers are the icing on the cake to a perfect wedding.

I love the vibe of this wedding, I feel happy and ready to celebrate when I look at these pictures.

In addition to enjoying Rachel’s Australian floral designs, I had fun seeing the difference in fashion and even hair and makeup, between here and Australia.

The above images were all taken by photographer Photographer Louise Myers.

Now this bouquet is beyond beautiful, it looks as if it was created with all cabbage roses and white roses. Honestly, when you are not the creator of the design it’s hard to know all of the secrets in an amazing bouquet.  I think I also see some white lizzy in this as well, regardless it is so perfectly bridal.

Above images by Fiona Naess Photography

I have always wanted to travel to Australia, if I ever get there I am going to go design with my friend Rachel at Blush Floral. Rachel designed over 250 weddings last year and this year she is aiming to do 300 events. Rachel is also a mom with two sweet little boys. It was so much fun to show an Australian chapel designers work!!!

Image by Sass Studios Photography

  • Rachel Says: (06.25.2011 | 07:22)

    Yay I feel so privileged you can come and play we me anytime

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