Many of you know I went to NYC in March, while there I found and fell in love with Harvest Roses in NYC . I  am a total quality snob, seriously, I am pretty hard to please when it comes to the perfection I expect from a flower, after all they are a thing of nature and blemishes happen. I am in constant pursuit of new product, new ideas, and new inspiration, this natural desire for more, or better, keeps us at Holly Heider Chapple Flowers always reaching a little higher.  Thankfully I found Harvest.

This first lovely, lavender, pink rose is called Lady Moon. Her formation is magnificent!! Just 2 days ago I sat with a bride who needs these, sold, sold, sold!!

This rose is in search of a name, but for now it can be purchased under the code of HAL6113. I think the name Holly Chapple sounds wonderful for this rose, it seems to have my name written all over it!!!

This beautiful white rose is called Snowball, I am always in pursuit of a worthy white rose. She is a winner.

The absolutely orangest rose I have ever seen. They call her Orangina.

Now here is a beauty beyond belief, El Fuego. The “Peruvian wonder” designers, said this  name means “the fire” I think that is ridiculously perfect for this rose.

One last treasure, I am also purchasing my freeze dried roses from Harvest.

If you by chance need dark purple roses, black roses, or any other impossible to find option, consider using these freeze dried beauties from Harvest.

To my friends in Chicago who have yet to purchase from Harvest, I just had to tempt you to make the call to Harvest. Just don’t tell my friend Niv if you are a Bears fan, for some reason that is a problem for him. Personally, I could care less about football and team loyalties, just get me the roses!!! Go Chapel Designers!!!

If you would like to read more about Harvest roses and their varieties, check out this blog post on the Martha Stewart blog. I guess she found them first!!

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